HYPOXI Training: The Mental Health and Immunity Perks


From body shapers to diet pills, the millennials have been obsessed with the culture of body shaping and sculpting. There have been numerous inventions to help one achieve their desired figure with little effort. One of these inventions is the HYPOXI Training.

When it comes to weight loss and body shaping, it doesn’t matter how hard you work out but how smarter you can work your body to maximize impact. This is where HYPOXI comes in; it supercharges your body’s natural fat-burning process by training in a controlled environment with vacuum compression.

Benefits of HYPOXI – It is More Than Just Physical

HYPOXI is a great way to not only reduce cellulite but also gain fitness and body strength. There are many other physical benefits, but have you ever thought about its positive mental effects? Well, below are some major benefits HYPOXI training could give you:

1.      Increase in Immunity

HYPOXI training not only aids in weight loss but also improves immunity. Have you ever wondered why physicians tell you to walk every day? Well, it’s because walking improves your blood circulation and builds up immunity. Similarly, HYPOXI physical exercises in a controlled vacuum enhance blood circulation in fat areas.

One reason why you cannot target fat areas in buttocks or thighs is because of poor circulation. With HYPOXI, your whole body’s blood flow improves, and it becomes easy for toxins to be flushed out. Another great advantage of this training is that it increases lymph drainage, which not only boosts your immunity but also removes toxic material from your body. So, if you always feel weak, consult HYPOXI Dubai based experts for personal training to make your healthy again.

2.      Mood Elevation

When you do HYPOXI training, during the exercise, your body releases endorphins. When you do physical training, your body releases these chemicals, which do not only relieve pain but also act as anti-depressants. Thus it lifts your mood and makes your feel happier.

Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, just like that of morphine. Therefore, mental health professionals encourage exercise and HYPOXI training as a natural treatment for depression and anxiety. Similarly, regular training is not only associated with weight loss, but it has been proven to ward of feelings of depression and anxiety, reducing overall stress. HYPOXI training is also excellent for stress management.

3.      Improves Self-esteem

HYPOXI training helps in weight loss and cellulite reduction. More than 80 percent of women have experienced cellulite at some point in their lives. HYPOXI can reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking up fat tissues and improve your self-esteem, leaving you with feeling great about your body and stamina.

The body movements and exercise included in the training build up your strength and gives you high fitness levels that were difficult with regular exercise. With training in a controlled environment, your body tends to lose fat and build muscles. This means you can say goodbye to flabby arms and hanging tummy. After the training, when you look in the mirror and see the results, it definitely boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

4.      Weight loss

HYPOXI training is a 30-40-minute low impact exercise in a controlled environment, i.e., vacuum compression. HYPOXI is a great way to lose weight for people who have been struggling with targeting specific fat areas like lower tunny, buttocks, arms, and thighs. It not only burns fat but also reduces bloating due to water retention.

The training process combines physical movements in a compressed vacuum to stimulate the fat-burning of stubborn areas. The reason why you cannot seem to target specific fat areas with traditional exercise is because of poor blood circulation in those areas. There are a lot of healthy people who either have saggy arms or lose belly, which they cannot seem to get rid of with any type of exercise.

For example, if you have a job where you have to sit from 9-5, there is no doubt blood circulation in your buttocks and legs would be disrupted, resulting in fat accumulation. Therefore, this method is recommended for people with busy schedules and mothers who want to get back into shape for this summer. So, get in touch with HYPOXI Dubai based clinics for maximum results and toning your body.

Tend to Your Body and Get Strong!

Do you want to enjoy to the fullest with your kids this summer? Do you want to move freely and dance to your favorite tunes till you are 80? Well, HYPOXI training might be the best thing there is out there to help you improve your whole lifestyle.

What’s best about this program is that within just a few appointments, you start dropping your pant size. If you have been struggling with weight loss all your life, then HYPOXI could be that extra nudge that you need to move in the direction to lose those inches and build muscle mass.


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