How to Strengthen a Cellular Signal In a Country House


Often on the outskirts of large cities and in cottage villages, the quality of communication has greatly deteriorated. The conversation is interrupted, and terminated, the mobile phone does not find the operator’s network. Mobile Internet is slow or non-existent. The two main reasons for these disasters are the long distance to the operator’s base station and various obstacles in the path of signal propagation. There are several ways to solve problems with unstable cellular communications outside the city. If you are thinking about installing a BT mobile phone signal booster or repeater for another mobile operator, this article is for you.

What Equipment Is Needed to Amplify The Signal?


There are quite a lot of options for organising a cellular signal booster complex in a country house.

Amplifiers For Modems


These devices are designed to increase the level of cellular signal indoors. Such an amplifier can consist of two blocks. The receiving unit is placed in a place where reception is reliable, and the distributing unit is where the mobile devices are located. The equipment is focused on improving the Internet connection, but can also optimise voice messages transmitted via instant messengers.

Routers With Antennas


Such systems require a separate SIM card. Particularly effective are devices with MIMO antennas that work with signals of different polarizations. The antenna is connected to the connector on the router body with a coaxial cable, and distribution indoors is carried out via Wi-Fi.



These are devices for amplifying the received and transmitted signal on one or more cellular communication bands. In this case, be sure to organise the connection of the external and internal antennas. You can contact Uctel for help in installing Tesco, BT, or Vodafone mobile phone signal boosters.



Outdoor antennas can be narrowly focused on the base tower and designed for the signal of a specific operator. If it is necessary to amplify a weak signal of several communication standards, then you need an antenna that uses MIMO technology, that is, it perceives and transmits different standards and frequencies of cellular communications of different polarisation. This universal equipment is highly efficient and restores communications at a distance of up to 20 km from the base tower.

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Equipment Sets


Only a qualified specialist can independently select a set of components to provide a country house with reliable reception of cellular communications and the Internet. It is best to choose ready-made kits for installation, which can be easily found from partners of manufacturers of such equipment.

Is It Possible to Connect Equipment to Boost a Cellular Signal Yourself?


Yes, it is possible. However, this requires preparation and knowledge. Manufacturers always offer a product to improve the signal with detailed instructions for installation and operation. They may differ in detail, but always include the following points:


  • First of all, you need to determine the direction and strength of the cellular signal. The possibility of such monitoring is already built into the iPhone OS; owners of a smartphone running Android OS will have to install the program from Google Play.
  • To install the antenna, you need to find the highest point in the building. Most often, fastenings are designed for pipes. This could be a mast or a bracket on the wall.
  • You should select a place to install the repeater inside the house and mark the cable route for connecting the antenna to the amplifier. The room must meet technical conditions for temperature and humidity. These data and the optimal cable length must be indicated in the installation instructions.
  • The cable is laid along a marked route, the external connector is connected to the antenna, and the internal connector to the connector of the amplifier installed on the wall. The cable should not have sharp bends to avoid damage.
  • The outer connector is sealed with heat shrink.
  • The device is installed away from devices intended for heating premises. It must also be grounded.
  • It is possible to connect several internal antennas; this requires a signal divider.
  • Disabling the external antenna while the amplifier is running may damage it.
  • After connecting the amplifier to the network, make sure that the emergency indicator does not light red. This is a signal that the amplifier is overexcited and is likely to interfere with the operation of the base cell tower.
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Where Should The Antenna Be Mounted To Amplify The Signal?


The antenna must be installed in the area of the most reliable reception. This zone can be calculated using a special analyzer, or using a telephone. It is best to mount the antenna at the highest point.


Proper installation of an external antenna is the key to high-quality operation of the entire system. If you install an external antenna in an area where the signal is poor, then you will bring such a signal indoors.


The installation of internal antennas must also be approached responsibly. If you are installing one antenna, there should be no difficulties. But if there are many rooms and floors at the site, then professional calculations are needed. You can, of course, install an antenna in each room, or you can install fewer antennas, but without compromising the quality of the signal, if you plan their installation professionally.

What Is Signal Loopback?


The system must be installed so that there is no loopback of the signal. It is necessary to space the internal and external antennas at least 15 metres from each other, avoid pointing them at each other, it is advisable to have a concrete or brick wall between them.


What is signal loopback? Let’s assume that you have installed all the equipment, turn on the amplifier, which supplies power to the internal antenna, and the internal antenna begins to emit a signal. If this signal is “hooked” by an external antenna, a “loopback” will occur. Thus, the signal will go around in a circle – phones and other communication devices will show all the bars on the signal indicators, but will not work.

Wrapping It Up


The effectiveness of the signal booster may vary depending on your location, the type of cellular service, and your Internet service provider. Before deciding to purchase and install Tesco, BT, or Three mobile phone signal boosters or other devices, it is recommended to consult a professional and carry out signal testing for best results. We recommend that you contact the reliable company UCtel for these purposes.


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