How to revolutionize your sex life with sex toys, whether you’re single or in a relationship

revolutionize your sex life

The sexual satisfaction drought is real: whether it’s the consequence of remote living during the ongoing pandemic or general post-porn fatigue, more than ⅓ of Americans reported themselves unsatisfied with their sex lives in a recent pollSeveral factors can contribute to an unsatisfactory sex life: a self-centered romantic partner, generalized stress, the inability to enjoy pleasure while single; even certain medications can wreak havoc on our libidos and sex drives. This is where sex toys come in to revolutionize your sex life! 

Why should I buy a sex toy to revolutionize your sex life?

Think of sex toys in the same way you think of fancy lingerie: yes, often – if not most of the time – sex occurs without it. But when sex and lingerie meet, you can’t deny the tangible excitement and added dimension to the moment. Sex toys procure the same effect, except on a physical instead of a visual level. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there are several known benefits to bringing sex toys into the bedroom. 

What are the benefits of using a sex toy when single?

Enhanced masturbation and orgasms

When we have sex, we’re often less concentrated on reaching orgasm than during masturbation. This is because sex serves a higher purpose: to bond us with our partners, liberate tensions, and feel good for our bodies. During masturbation, however, orgasm tends to be the goal. This means that being single is a great time to experiment with different types of orgasms: G-spot orgasms, P-spot orgasms, blended orgasms, even A-spot orgasms! Sex toys can help you achieve all of these: why not combine some big dildos with a clitoral stimulator for a blended orgasm, or try out a prostate massager for that elusive P-spot orgasm? Being single means that you can take all the time you need without feeling pressure to reach that Big O.

Detach and heal from past relationships

Using sex toys while single is a great way to connect with your body, especially if you’ve recently left a romantic relationship. Overcoming the attachment to sex with an ex-partner can often be one of the hardest things to do during a break-up, especially if the relationship was long. Using a sex toy is a great way to regain control of your relationship to sex and pleasure, detach yourself from your former relationship, and deliver some powerful orgasms while you’re at it! Whether you decide to opt for a clitoral vibrator or a variety of big dildos, use your single time wisely to experiment with your body, and understand better your desires and envies. 

Enhanced overall wellbeing

Owning a sex toy will increase the likelihood of orgasm, and having regular orgasms procures many health and wellbeing benefits. For example, the post-orgasm hormone oxytocin helps the body produce endorphins, which can help the body de-stress, sleep better and even help you manage anxiety better. Many who use sex toys also report that it helps them reconcile negative body image: when we begin to view our bodies as something from which we derive pleasure, our confidence naturally soars.

What are the Benefits of Using Sex Toys in Your Relationship? 

Keep your sex life exciting

As anyone in a long-term relationship will confirm, the magic of the first few months tends to fade after a while, and the red-hot romps are replaced by routine. Adding sex toys into your sex life can help preserve the excitement of the early days: having sex toys in your bedroom can be great for keeping things spontaneous and fun. If you want to spice things up, your bedroom should have a locked box full of fun toys to explore during intimacy: vibrators, big dildos, cock rings, nipples clamps – you name it!

Easier orgasms

It’s no secret that many women struggle to orgasm from penetrative sex alone: having a handy vibrator on the nightstand can help couples overcome any struggles when it comes to reaching climax. Not only does a vibrator mean more orgasms, but using toys will also take some pressure off a partner who might feel inadequate if they are unable to make their partner orgasm regularly. If your partner can’t orgasm, try not to blame yourself. Many things can impede a person’s ability to orgasm, from stress and hormones to certain medications. Listen to their needs and don’t blame yourself, but don’t make them feel guilty either.

Enhanced foreplay

Unfortunately, some couples fall into routines when it comes to sex: often, foreplay is the first thing abandoned – but excellent foreplay makes for great sex. So why not spice things up with some prolonged foreplay with toys? Whether you tease a partner’s nipples with a vibrator, engage in some size play with big dildos, or intensify your sensations with some nipple clamps, you’ll be sure to improve and enhance the experience. 

Best Sex Toys for Single Women 

If you’re single and looking to invest in some toys to keep your singleton sex life interesting, the following toys should suit your needs. Always check the cleaning instructions for any toys you buy, and always use a high-quality lube when experimenting with internal penetration.

Clitoral vibrators

The clitoris is full of pleasure-giving nerve endings: make the most of yours and invest in a handy clitoral vibrator! Bullet vibrators are great for pinpoint, discreet stimulation, while wand massagers offer more powerful stimulation.  


Big dildos, small dildos, lifelike dildos, thrusting dildos – if you’re missing the real thing, bag yourself a dildo and enjoy some me-time with your new toy. If you’re feeling experimental, opt for big dildos – just make sure to add lots of lube! Opt for thrusting dildos or big dildos with vibrating functions if you miss the real thing. 

Nipple Suckers

The nipples can be one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, yet often the most ignored during sex. Give your nipples some love with a pair of nipple suckers –  or if you’re feeling adventurous, some nipple clamps!

Best Sex Toys for Single Men


Don’t let the stigma about owning a sex toy prevent you from enjoying the mind-blowing sensations of a high-quality fleshlight! From regular fleshlights to anal fleshlights, anyone with a penis can enjoy penetration simulation. 

Prostate massager

If you’ve never heard of the P-spot, a prostate massager will be happy to introduce you! Located in the anus, the P-spot can procure intense sensations throughout the lower body – wear it while masturbating for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Best Sex Toys for Couples 

Vibrating cock ring

Cock rings are great for keeping the penis harder for longer, but men can enhance the functionality of this toy by picking a cock ring with vibrating features. Make your intimate time last longer and stimulate your partner simultaneously!

Butt plugs

Before experimenting with big dildos or vibrators, why not try out a butt plug? Not only do butt plugs add a fun double-penetration dimension to your intimacy, but butt plugs can also make the vaginal canal restrict, resulting in enhanced, tighter penetration. Use lots of lube when trying out a butt plug for the first time!

Remote-control vibrators

If you want to indulge in a bit of fun power-play, incorporate a remote-control vibrator into your intimacy. Some remote control vibrators can even be used discreetly when out and about in public for some added exhilaration!

Your favorite sex toy

Any sex toy can become a couple’s toy – intimacy is about sharing pleasure, so if there’s a toy that you love, bring it into the bedroom with your partner and enjoy it together!

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