How to reduce breast size? Know the techniques for your dream breast size

How to reduce breast size? Know the techniques for your dream breast size

Having a well-developed breast enhances the feminine beauty of a lady. But things do turn worst when one has extra-large breasts. It gives an awkward look at her appearance. There is only one solution left. One needs to learn how to reduce breast size.

Breasts you can witness in a variety of shapes and sizes. None is right or wrong. But there are many, for whom, large breasts cause daily hazardous life. Further, What can be the best ways to reduce the breast’s size without any medical help? Know some health tips

How to reduce breast size with exercise?

Breasts grow bigger for hormonal changes, breastfeeding, hereditary factors, obesity, and pregnancy. It can even be for medication. Further, Bigger breasts lead to health issues. The major among them include back and neck pain.

Further, You can lower down breast size without undergoing any surgery. You need to do some specific exercises for breast reduction.


First, take a plank position. The toes and palms will be on the floor. Keep the back straight and the arms under your shoulders. Now go slow to lower down your body and then practice push back up. You need to do five sets with three repetitions daily.

Wall push-ups

Stand straight facing the wall. Further, Keep the feet at a distance of two or three feet from the wall. Next, position your hands-on front wall, keeping at the shoulder level. Now make arms bending and lean forward. Start to push up by force against the wall. Get back in the start position. Further, Ensure the back remains straight. Practice it ten times a day.

Bent Knee Push up:

Further, This is an advanced version of the regular push-up method. In place of lying down of floor flat, the knees need to be bend. It will help to perform the exercise. Like conventional push-ups, this technique of pushes up strengthens the pectorals. Further, It helps to make them firmer. It is one of the severe forms of exercise. Experts say that such exercise will force one to lose a huge among of excess calories.

Leg Raise:

Well, this Leg raise exercise supports you in many other ways. It helps in reducing your breasts also. It assists in toning the abdominal muscles. Apart from that, it also controls the sagginess of the bust. It is one of the most natural breast toning exercises. Many confirmed that it gave excellent results when practiced daily. There is no need to hit the gym for breast reduction exercises.

Now lie on your back on the floor with arms at both sides. Bring stomach muscles close to the spine. Now inhale and move the legs from the floor with knees straight. The buttock needs to be straight on the floor. You need to hold the breath for a few seconds before exhaling. Lower down your legs back in the start position. Practice it for 5 to 10 times a day to get the desired shape of breasts.

Morning or evening jogging: 

Go early to bed, and wake up early. Further, Take your iPod or mobile and switch on some soothing music and set out for a morning jog. 30-minute jogging is enough to keep you active throughout the day. If you lack time in the morning, go for an evening jog. Further, Such exercise tones the body and shreds the excess fat. With time it will support in reducing the breast size. It will also give your breast a lift.

How to reduce breast size with dumbbells?

Use of dumbbells you will see done by many fitness freaks. Further, there are only a handful of people who know that use of dumbbells can help in breast size management. If you want to reduce your breast size, then it can help you on this journey.

Shoulder press:

Well, all that you need for the shoulder press is two dumbbells. Firstly, get into sitting posture on the mat. Now pick the dumbbells and hold it in your hands. Further, In the next step, you lift the arms to your shoulder. After this move, it up and right above your head. Further, Get back to the shoulder level. With this, you will complete one round of shoulder press. Practice three sets and five reps. Do it daily, and with the time, you will start recognizing changes in breast size.

Side raises:

Further, in this exercise, you will also need two dumbbells and that too of the lightweight. First, hold strong the dumbbells using your hands. It would help if you stood straight. Further, Next, lift the arms from the side. You need to be in this position for a few seconds. Now Lower down the hands back in the start position. Every day you need to practice three sets and ten reps.

Chest Press:

Again, what you need are two lightweight dumbbells. Lye down on the floor on the back. Now Bend the knees. You need to position the feet right on the floor. Take the dumbbells in hand and move them up and position above the chest. After lifting the weight, you need to hold and stay in this position for a few seconds. Move slow to lower it down. Every day you need to practice 3 sets and 10 reps.

Pullover with dumbbell:

For pullover, what you need is a single dumbbell. Further, This time it needs to be little on the heavier side. Now, first, lie down on a bench. Further, Ensure you are comfortable on the bench. Similarly, Now hold your dumbbell and move it above the head. The exercise will be to lift the dumbbell to bring it back towards the chest. Further, You need to move slow to get back to the starting position. Practice three sets daily of 10 pullovers.

Front raises Anterior:

Experts recommend this exercise with dumbbells. Further, It’s good for women who wish to work on reducing breast size. Take 2 dumbbells and hold in hand. Further, You need to stand straight. You need to Lift your one hand taking the weight in front of the face. Similarly, The arm should be extending straight. Further, After you raise, time to slow down little, for a pause. Next, you need to lower down the arm. Practice this act using the other hand. With time this exercise will help you to tone your breast size.

How to reduce breast size through yoga?

If you want to reduce breast size following any ancient artform then try with yoga. Yoga supports synchronized breathing with physical stretching. Similarly, Some of the yoga methods are simple and you can practice at home for reducing breast size. Further, Few methods you need to master with practice and takes time. Yoga promises guaranteed results.

Snapping Back:

This yoga is like martial arts. The ‘snapping back’ steps of the asana support to trigger the breast tissues along with lymph. similarly, It looks like a bridge posture. Further, The only difference is that you need to create a fist with hands by tucking of thumb indoor.

Surya Namaskar

It is a popular yoga form followed by many yoga followers. Meanwhile There are several postures involved in this yoga asana. Further, It makes perfect toning of the complete body, along with breast size toning.


‘Sirsha’ represents the head. In this pose, one needs to go for a head-stand posture. Further, It’s the balancing on one’s head. Further, Here the breasts get a posture which is next to gravity. It encourages the breast tissues to compress.


Meanwhile, It’s a common pose of yoga in standing posture. Further, Yogis consider is as the mother of rest forms of yoga practiced worldwide. Tadasana is an ideal yoga form for toning the breast muscle.

There are several other yoga forms which can help in breast size reduction. Further, we recommend you to learn the steps from a yoga professional first before practicing at home.

Medicine to reduce breast size:

There are few breasts burning medication and pills available in the market. Further, each one of them claims to help in reducing the size of the breasts. Further, we cannot deny the fact that all medicines and pills serve with a side effect. Before you think of taking such medication consult your doctor first.

Further, We recommend trying natural supplements in place of medicines for breast reduction. Flaxseeds, ginger tea, neem, and fish oil supplements help in achieving, the desired target. Further, It will not cause any side-effect for your body and will serve you better.

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