What are the Top Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Yoga?


More than a physical exercise, yoga is a full mind and body enlightening tool. A set of specific exercises called poses along with the specific breathing techniques and meditation rules are the basics of a yoga class. The best yoga workout will vary depending upon your exquisite needs and goals.

Yoga and Physical Exercise:

The benefits of a regular Yoga Greenwich practice are extensive. Generally, a comprehensive yoga workout can aid in better health of back and joints. It ensures flexibility in bones. It highly rejuvenates your body systems and relaxation is induced in every yoga session. Yoga’s attention on breathing can calm you and allow you to build mind power which is a great asset of human psychology.

  1. Reduces Back Pain:

Weekly yoga sessions can relieve the symptoms of lower back pain substantially. The intense stretching sessions relax the muscles as well as joints.

  1. Strengthens Bones:

In a survey, it was observed that yoga practitioners were having increased bone density in their spine and hips compared to other people who did not know about yoga.

  1. Improves Balance:

Male and female athletes displayed better balance after 10 weeks of yoga classes than other athletes who were unaware of yoga.

  1. Reduces Stress:

A study of 72 women discovered that yoga helped reduce mental distress, sorrow and related psychological and physical signs of chronic stress. Since stress is the silent killer, yoga can eliminate its dark effects on the mind and body by training calmness. Yoga Greenwich allows you to practice yoga in the vicinity of London where the weather is mostly cloudy and pleasant.

Yoga and Meditation:

Before yoga was a renowned exercise, it was practiced as mainly a meditation for thousands of years. It was exclusively known for its spiritual benefits and higher conscience.

  1. Mindfulness with Yoga:

It allows you a better connection between mind and body. You connect more on a deeper level with your conscious self. The Mind Power is superbly elevated with deep breathing yoga exercises. It also develops a fertile imagination rich in treasure. You get a deeper and more observant approach to life.

  1. Deep Breathing in Yoga:

In Yoga, deep breathing is an essential essence of it. More oxygen is inhaled which is an excellent exercise for your lungs. It allows the slow and smooth flow of your breath. It offers mental clarity and mental relaxation by sharpening your memory. It allows the ultimate enlightenment of your soul as well as a higher state of consciousness. When you practice staying calm, your spirituality is improved.

Which Class is Right for You?

There are many classes of yoga taught today. Some are physically very challenging while others are as easy as ABC. There are few listed types of Yoga available in yoga studios these days:

  1. Hatha Yoga
  2. Asthanga Yoga
  3. Power Yoga
  4. Vinyasa or Flow
  5. Iyengar
  6. Bikram or Hot Yoga
  7. Restorative Yoga
  8. Yin Yoga


Your Class Etiquettes:

The first thing that is expected of yoga students is punctuality and respect for other members. Most yoga classrooms have shelves for your bags or personal belongings. Remember to turn off your cellphone before the class begins. You may like to “OM” or not depending on your religious preferences. You can opt to stay silent at such a stage of connectivity with the universe. Students should take cues from the students. If you must leave early you should inform your teacher or trainer beforehand.

Note to Overachiever:

Trying too hard often leads to severe injury so exercise yoga moderately. Yoga is about acceptance of your body so you may not exert too much force or pressure on your body. Staying humble and trying not to hard is the key to success. You can achieve a lot in life just by mastering the art of staying calm in every situation. This way you can control your anger and temperament easily. People cannot easily manipulate you and you become a master of your self by controlling your thoughts.


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