Eight types of Facebook ads that can improve business visibility

Types of Facebook ads

The main advantage of marketing with Facebook is that it is easier to drive a huge niche traffic volume. It can be about conversion or awareness; Facebook is one of the top leading social media platforms on the internet for your ads. When we talk about ads on Facebook, the first idea that pops into your mind will be the link click ads. However, there numerous types of Facebook ads a business can use.

Link click ads – the basic type of Facebook ad

Link Click type is the best for promoting a website. Such ads contain a catchy description and interesting picture with the link to your website. Since it gets placed in the News Feeds, it can easily reach millions of relevant audiences. An additional advantage of such ads is ‘likes.’ If your ad performs well, it will boost traffic to your social media page too. The recommended size of the picture for this ad is 1200 x 628p. The ad text can be 90 characters long, the headline should be 25 characters or less, and 30 characters for the description.

Video ads – the type of Facebook ad for millennial

Millennial users have a very short attention span, and they are most likely to get attracted by a good video than an inspiring paragraph. If you wish to attract your young audience, video ads are the best among the types of Facebook ads. It is quite similar to the link click ads, but you get to post a video instead of a picture. The video can be as long as 120 minutes. However, according to studies, the best-performing ones are just 15 to 30 seconds long. The size of the video allowed is 4GB. 16:9 to 9:16 is the accepted aspect ratio.

Carousel ads – type of Facebook ad for multiple products

Carousel ads are similar to the ones you find on the homepage of many websites. If you have multiple products to advertise, you can use this style of ad where the image moves from left to right. This ad style is common among eCommerce sites, where the call to action for all the products is the same. The images used in this style of ads should be either 1080x 1080p or 600 x 600p. The ad text, description, and headline length are similar to the link click ads.

Lead ads – best for customer collaboration

As the name indicates, this type of ad is for generating leads. The lead ads offer content for people to download, like forms for signing up, coupon codes, and more. Thus, customers can become potential buyers without leaving the platform. When the customer fills the form, their contact info reaches your account. The image specification and character lengths are similar to the click link ads. You can also use the context card, where you can add information in a paragraph with no character limitation. If you are using the bulletin points, there is a limitation of 80 characters per bulletin and, in total, five bulletins. People tend to stick to your ad if the information is in bulletins than long paragraphs. It is essential to add your privacy policy and link to your URL.

Canvas Ads – For mobile users

Canvas ads allow the customers to interact with the images in the ad. Due to the advanced functionality, this ad is possible only on the mobile app. Canvas ads are similar to the carousel ads, but the user can move through the images, tilt, or zoom them. Another advantage of canvas ads is speed. You can add a header, logo, text block, button for links, and the auto-play option to your canvas. The image and character specifications are similar to the carousel ads.

Simple text post ad – basic ad format

If you wish to add to the page engagement and keep your customers engaged, you can try the text post ad. In this method, you will be sending a Facebook post via your Facebook page. However, this type of advertisement tends to get very less interaction. Instead, you can add an image or video to your post to improve user engagement. There will be no marketing content in this method. Businesses that wish to keep their customer aware of their products would prefer such ads.

Mobile application ad – for your apps

If your business has a mobile app, you can use the mobile app ad format to promote your application. This style of ad is applicable only on Facebook mobile Newsfeed. The ad has an image, description, and a button to automatically install your app. You can use the targeting options to cover audiences with either iOS or Android phones, only on a Wi-Fi network, and so on. The image specification is 1200 x 628p with 1:9:1 ratio. The character limit for the ad text is 90. According to studies, the ad with shorter text performs better. You can use a similar style of ad for focusing on desktop apps and software too. Such ads can run only on desktop Newsfeed.

Facebook events ad – geographic targeting

Facebook events are best for targeting a specific location. If you are conducting a promotional activity or acelebration event, this type of ad offers adequate information to the audience and focuses on a particular location. Recommended picture size is 1920 x 1080p with 1:9:1 ratio. The text specifications are similar to the link click ads.

There are numerous other options for your business. How to choose the right ad type? It is important to test different ad types before understanding the right types of Facebook ads for your product. The advantage is that these ads are free. Based on these ads’ performance, you can choose boost packages that allow your ads to get better visibility for a limited period. About 92% of businesses are using Facebook for advertising. Beyond SEO, SMM is also an important element of generating better revenue.

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