Crash Game Review

Crash Game Review

Introduction is a young cryptocurrency casino with a Quaraçao license and a great selection of gambling. Players are promised instant payments and round-the-clock support. Sabant B.V. is the creator of This company is also famous for the creation of, which is famous for rapid winnings and instant payments. This blog will tell you about Crash Game Review. is their new product that is still in the beta stage. He was officially launched in January 2020.

Looking for a profitable and verified Crypto Casino? No wonder, since cryptocurrency is now in the public eye. At the moment there are many casinos that take bitcoins for deposits and removal. In turn, Tower Bet offers its Bitcoin HTML5 online games.

One of these sought-after products is Crash Game. This is an innovative Bitcoin game that is worth your attention. Crash game review-

Tech info

 Unlike other games, the crash game is based on a pure chance. You bet and take money at any time before the line crashes, and you get profit. If you do not have time to cash up to the collapse, the amount of your bet is canceled. The technology involved in the game is very similar to the generator of random numbers in the slots.

There are no restrictions on the amount of money you can win at the rates in Cash Game. It all depends on how many multipliers are added to your bet before you cash it. For example, if you put 5 dollars and add a 10x multiplier to it, the total amount of your winnings will be $ 50. There is no limit to how high it rises. The game can fly to 1x or can reach 1000x.

Automatic bet is one of the best functions of Crash. You can perform many tasks using this feature, for example:

On Loss tab: Selecting this option, you will automatically leave the game as soon as things go bad.

On Win Tab: As soon as you get profit in the game, the On win automatic output feature will display cash and help you make a profit regardless of its size.

Return To Base: If you set the same amount for “Win” and “On Loss”, you must select the “Return to Base” option.

Limiting Max Bet Size: Selecting this feature, you can make sure that the automatic bet feature does not set an invalid maximum rate size.

Stop Betting After A Limit: Stop making bets after a certain number of winnings or losses.

Automatic Cashout: Refers to the solution to get out of the game as soon as it reaches a certain multiplier.

Game features

How to play Crash Game? The key step is to find a Bitcoin Casino with Crash Game. It can be a, the legal provider of gambling, which isn’t famous for any falsifications. After that, simply follow these steps:

  • See what the game consists of. Understand the location of the key buttons for bets;
  • Find out what currency you can choose to play. By the way, this is not only limited to bitcoins, but also Ethereum, Eos and USDT, Litecoin;
  • Deposit an amount of entry-level money for the game. Make sure you always play within your available budget, otherwise you could suffer huge losses;
  • When you are ready with the money deposited into your casino account, find Crash game and click on the Join Game button;
  • Set your base rate. It’s better to put the entry-level bet amount;
  • Build your strategy for a round. It can be an early or later strategy when you predict a line crash. It is very important, because it determines how the size of your bet will grow along with the line;
  • If necessary, you can limit your maximum bet size to avoid huge losses;
  • Once your bets have been placed, click “Start” and your game will begin.

Game plot

Crash Game on Tower Bet is a simple game. The main concept is to follow a line that continues to grow obliquely and parabolic. Nowadays at the website, the line moves with an orange rocket (Halloween theme). At the beginning of the game, the player places bets, and during the game, the multiplier increases it from 1x and higher. During the game, you need to have time to click on the rocket and finish the game before the line goes out. It’s necessary to pick up the bet multiplied by this specific number. But if time passes and the player waits too long, the line can be intercepted or exploded, and then the player loses the bet.

For example, I bet $10 at the start of the round. Gradually the line has reached a set of 2.09x, so I will win 2.09 x $ 10 = $20.9. But only if I quit the game. However, if you want to wait a little longer and increase your multiplier with your bet, 2 situations can occur:

  • The line will keep going up and you can win more.
  • The line will explode and your bet will be lost.


If you love Bitcoin Games and know how the stock markets work, Cras Game might be fun for you. Hit the jackpot and try your luck with the best, reliable and fair fast payment cryptocurrency casino like

Remember the principles of the game and always play within your available budget and never exceed it. If you get tired of Crash Game, you will be able to try out other games available at Bet Casino.


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