3 Unexpected Benefits Women Can Get From Protein Powder

protein powder for women

Most of the time, people think of big, bulky men whenever they hear about protein powder. They believe that it is the usual drink consumed by guys who want to gain more visible muscles, aside from working out at the gym. Because of this, some women would shy away from it as they do not want to develop a lot of muscles. However, not all people know that there are plenty of benefits of protein powder for women. Some of these perks can make them form a healthier physique while looking at their best. 

Here are several perks that women can get from adding protein powder in their diet. 

Protein Can Help Women Control Weight

One of the most common gym goals of women is to lose or maintain weight. If they include protein products like protein powder, they can have better chances of managing their weight. Protein can help keep a person full and satiate longer compared to fats or carbohydrates. It means that women who increase their intake of protein-rich meals could significantly decrease their calorie consumption. 

Previous research posted on the Nutrition & Metabolism journal backed up this observation. The researchers found out that the respondents who joined the 12-week study lost weight significantly after taking protein supplements like protein powder. Thus, women can include more protein in their diet to help them lose their unwanted pounds. 

Protein Promotes Better Hair, Nails, and Bones

Protein is the essential nutrient of a human body that is responsible for building body tissues. It is also the component needed by the body to develop hair, nails, and bones. It is the reason why women must take more protein in their bodies as they age. 

They need an adequate amount of protein to maintain the strength of their bones and avoid density loss. Taking protein powder for women also helps them keep their strong and lustrous hair and prevent their nails from getting brittle during their senior years. 

Protein Promotes Toned Muscles 

Plenty of women want to maintain a toned body without looking extra bulky. Since protein is synonymous with its muscle-building properties, some women would veer away from consuming protein supplements like protein powder due to their fear of looking too muscular. But these supplements can help them reach their goals since protein can increase their chances of preserving their lean muscle mass. It can also help them reduce the risk of age-related conditions like sarcopenia and osteoporosis. 

To help them in gaining muscle mass, women must increase their dietary protein intake. They will need the amino acids found in protein to aid them in building and repairing their body’s muscle tissues. If they cannot get the recommended protein in their regular food, they can rely on protein powders and shakes to make sure that they are getting enough in their diet.  

For those who are considering adding protein supplements like protein powder and shakes in their usual diet, they need to follow the Recommended Daily Allowance. In Australia, the Ministry of Health suggested that adult women aged 19 to 70 must take at least 46 grams of protein per day, while those in their senior years should increase their protein intake to 57 grams per day. They must also make sure that they are eating a balanced diet every day for better health. 

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