Why Does 30 FPS Look Better on Consoles

30 FPS looks better

If you pride yourself on being an avid gamer, you know the industry is growing faster than ever. It seems like it was just yesterday when people were able to spot every pixel while playing their favorite video games. However, there’s been a significant technological progress in the past few years. Gaming has reached a whole new different level both on consoles and PC. Thanks to this, character design and animation look almost realistic nowadays. 30 FPS looks better and works great with slow-paced games.

What a time to be alive! Today’s developers are betting for higher visual quality. This provides the user with a better in-game experience. However, while PC players can enjoy their preferred frame rates, console gamers, on the other hand, can’t. They have to stick to lower ones. The most common settings are 30 FPS and 60 FPS. But that’s not entirely bad news. Let us explain.

You know, the ones that focus on one scene for an extended period. However, if you’re playing a fast-paced action game, you might want to go for at least 60 FPS. A higher framerate is especially useful for multiplayer and online games. Quicker transitions and constant POV changes rely on more frames per second for better gameplay and story-telling.

30 FPS – Consoles Versus PC

First of all, let us explain how animation works. It’s nothing but a bunch of sequential images. The more you can fit in the shortest amount of time, the smoother the action will appear. This is where the FPS count enters the picture.

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The acronym stands for frames per second, which is pretty self-explanatory. Developers use it to measure the framerate in which the game can perform. To put it simply, FPS is the number of consecutive shots that a game displays per second of animation. In the cinematic world, the standard is 24 FPS for movies and 30 FPS looks better for television broadcast. 

The graphics processing unit or GPU and the visual settings are two important factors to determine the maximum frame rate. Some developers set a limit on frames per second. However, a strong graphics card can go well over 100 FPS even in the newest games. Running computer games over 60 FPS will ensure lag reduction and avoid a choppy experience. However, for console players, it’s a slightly different story. 

Ideal Frame Rate for Console Games

As we mentioned above, the FPS determine how fluid your favorite game will run. Most experts believe that the human eye can’t really tell the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. However, it depends almost entirely on the type of game you’re playing and the speed of its scenes. You must always set your FPS according to these factors to enhance your overall experience.

Take into account that, when playing console games, you’re using a television screen. TVs and computer monitors are considerably different in terms of technology. The average frame rate that works best with any television settings is 30 FPS looks better. That’s just the way TVs are designed. Console settings work with that configuration in mind.

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Most games on a console run at 30Hz internally. Thanks to this, 30 FPS looks better and only makes sense. Consoles have an inbuilt image interpolation that makes this frame rate easier on the eye. However, If you’re a PC gamer, anything below 60 FPS would be jittery and lack smoothness. In this day and age, nobody would enjoy playing their favorite games under such low-quality conditions. 

Best Games to Play at 30FPS

It seems like reaching higher frame rates in TV setups is not a priority for developers. Even with the imminent release of newer generation consoles in the upcoming months, 30FPS is still a thing. If you want to enjoy a 4K output on your shiny new Playstation 5, you’ll have to accept a lower framerate, even for games like Demon’s Souls and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Enough With the FPS Shenanigans!

If you’re online gaming on your PC, chances are you’re aiming for the most FPS possible. However, increasing the visual quality of most games requires some very specific computer settings. If you don’t want to deal with all the requirements drama, check out some online casino video slots. Reading a GoodLuckMate review will definitely come in handy when looking for the best ones!

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