What will be Next Bitcoin Price According to Past Prediction?

Bitcoin Price Levels

It’s obvious that you are reading this article to know more about the future of Bitcoin. You are looking at the perfect piece of content where you will see the real Bitcoin prediction of 2021. Our strategy is to look into the price history and its drivers to understand the future price levels.

How much do you think Bitcoin will be worth, and will it cross the $70,000 mark? What do the past predictions indicate about the future? Let’s find out now.

Bitcoin and History

Price Drivers

A Quick Price History of Bitcoin

2021 Bitcoin Price

How to Exchange Bitcoin

Bitcoin and History 

Bitcoin started their journey in 2009 as the first digital asset in the world. It suddenly shocked the world with a limited supply, public ledger network, digital wallet, and much more.

The history of Bitcoin has been quite volatile. The currency had some roller coaster rides starting in the year 2011. The prices shot up to the sky when the currency crossed the $200 mark in just a few years. Bitcoin reached the $20,000 level in 2017, which forced the mass media to cover the digital asset regularly. 

Price Drivers

Bitcoin is driven by multiple factors. Some of them are:

  • The more people want to buy Bitcoin, the higher its price will be. It’s a simple law of demand and supply.
  • Bitcoin is a volatile asset, unlike many other traditional markets. During a bullish or bearish case, Bitcoin investors seem to have different risk appetites, changing the prices frequently.
  • Bitcoin price can be negatively influenced by different regulations, agencies, banks, and governments if they set some restrictions.
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A Quick Price History of Bitcoin

The early Bitcoin price movement was not even seen until Bitcoin had a strong price rally in 2011 before the recession. The manipulation of the market by scammers and the authorities made the prices jump up and fall with price bubbles.

However, the digital asset found a strong market presence when it crossed the $20,000 level in 2017. Many governments and central banks started to talk about the currency and its future. In 2021, Bitcoin reached its peak, crossing $50,000 as the world started to recover from the pandemic-related shutdown.

Bitcoin Price 2021

A new all-time high, crossing the $50,000 level is quite an achievement for Bitcoin. After billions of dollars in investment by Tesla and other US companies, investment banks are keeping an eye on the currency. 

Already, Mastercard and PayPal have shown interest in cryptocurrency. Most of these top names might offer digital currency payments to the masses in the future.

How to Exchange Bitcoin

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  • Find the desired crypto in the You Send field and BTC in the You Get field.
  • Input your wallet address to start the deposit of the currency.
  • Wait for the confirmation; Godex will start the exchange soon. 
  • You will get the completed transaction after the five- to 30-minute wait time.


Since Bitcoin has been trading in all-time high levels for some time now, it’ll be interesting to watch where the price trend is heading. Bitcoin is in high demand, which positively affects its price, but there are other factors that can negatively affect it, such as government bans. However, we might see more companies supporting BTC in the future, making it a promising investment.

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Although it’s your personal goal whether you should keep Bitcoin or not if you are interested, check a reliable exchange like the Godex converter to buy or sell Bitcoin.

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