Top 5 Creative Writing Games for Elementary Students

Writing Games

Creative Writing Games might be pretty challenging for an elementary student. That’s why it is recommended to train writing both at school and home. However, this task is not easy because kids are frequently reluctant to perform this activity. 

Motivating a small kid to do something is half of the process. If you can make the Creative Writing Games process interesting, the kids might become more willing to write. In the end, they might even enjoy the process. Do you know how to motivate them though?

While with an adult, an expert writing service such as WriteMyPaperHub would help, kids haven’t grown up to this. Their tasks are too different. That’s why we have selected some interesting games to make your small ones love writing.

Phone Pictionary

This amazing game motivates kids to draw and write. It enables creative thinking and is simply interesting. The more kids participate in the game, the more fascinating the process is. 

Take a sheet of paper. Now, the first kid shall write a sentence. After that, the sheet of paper goes to the next kid. He/she reads the sentence and tries to draw it. Then, the sheet is passed to another kid but only a drawing can be seen. The kid writes what he sees in the drawing. Then, the sheet of paper is moved to another kid, and the kid draws the last sentence again. 

In the end, after the last kid in the queue has drawn or written the sentence, all the content is opened and read. Usually, it makes it fun to follow how things were developing. 

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Writing Comic Strip Dialogues

This is an amazing activity for those kids who can already express themselves clearly and write.

To organize the game, but a comic strip with blank speech bubbles. Ask kids to write the dialogues. Don`t forget to make them read the dialogues around, if possible, make them play the comic strip characters by reading the dialogues.

Guess Who It Is

For this game, you need cards with characters from movies or cartoons popular among the kids. Now, show a card to one of the kids and ask him/her to describe it.

The kid writes the description as detailed as he/she can. After that, you or the kid reads the description. The other kids try to guess who is on the card.

This is a wonderful game to stimulate not only writing skills but to develop an ability to express thoughts clearly, to observe. It is an amazing option to boost kids` creativity.

Writing Birthday or Any Other Holiday Messages

Well, we agree that this is not exactly a game but rather just a way to write something. A birthday of somebody whom the child trusts and whom he/she loves is a wonderful event and a good reason to write something. 

What about a birthday message written by your kid? While it might not be perfect, it is one of the most amazing ways to make the recipient feel loved. And for the kid, it is, of course, an amazing way to practice writing.

If your kid is independent enough, you can entrust him/her with the task completely. If the kid is still too small but willing to participate, you can choose and reprint some nice wishes and make him/her write them by hand. 

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The most pleasant part of this exercise is the fact that such wishes are kept for ages. 

Complete the Story

Creative Writing Games is suitable for a class. You need at least several kids for it. Find an interesting story and remove some parts from the text. Reprint the story with the missing parts, make sure the font is big enough to make it easy to handle for everybody. 

Now, ask kids to complete the missing parts. If there are many kids, you can divide them into groups and then, ask the groups to read their stories. This exercise not only trains writing but makes your kids think and develops creativity. To complete the task, you might ask the kids to make illustrations for their stories. 

Final Thoughts

Many parents believe that creative writing does not belong to essential skills nowadays. They believe that due to the presence of computers, errorless writing isn’t a problem. However, writing is not only about literacy. 

Writing is responsible for the development of specific brain zones. If they aren’t stimulated, they will not develop. It, in turn, means that myriads of neurons will not work as it shall be. The results are pretty sad then. It means that other parts of the brain also will not work as needed. It might not lead to a mental disability but for sure it will slow down the development of the schild. 

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