Ride the Bus Drinking Game-Discover the essence of this game


The Ride the Bus drinking game has been many players’ choice for different reasons. There are different drinking games available, and Ride the Bus is one of them. It is quite a thrilling game that will never stop amusing you. This game needs skills, and you should be a sportsman to accept the challenges. It is fun to add this game next time you get together and make your friendship more interesting. The participants must use their thinking skills and believe in their chance or luck while playing this game. The person can avoid being intoxicated by the end of the game.

Players need regular playing cards to play the Ride the Bus drinking game. The design and gameplay of this game are the same as the traditional king’s cup drinking game. For game night, both such games are interesting.

Understand the Ride the Bus Drinking Game goal

The Ride the Bus drinking game has some drinking rules that you need to follow while taking on the challenges. There is a deck of cards used in this game. The objective of the “Ride the Bus” drinking game is to avoid ending up with the most penalty points by completing various challenges and drinking in response to card draws. The player with the most penalty points at the end of the game must “ride the bus” by drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short period.

Arrange a deck of cards in a face-down pyramid shape with five rows. Each row should contain one more card than the previous row.

Players sit in a circle around the pyramid and take turns drawing cards from the base row, beginning with the player to the dealer’s left.

Understand how to play the Ride the Bus drinking game

Ride The Bus Drinking Game Rules | Free Download

Each card drawn represents a specific action or rule. The player must follow the rules associated with the card they drew.

The game is played with the following card meanings:

Ace: Waterfall: All players start drinking and cannot stop until the player to their right stops.

You, the player, can choose another player to take a drink.

I, the player, take a drink.

Floor: All players touch the floor, and the last player to do so must take a drink.

Heaven: All players point to the sky, and the last player to do so must take a drink.

Mate: The player chooses another player to be their mate, and the mate must drink whenever the player does.

Rhyme – the player says a word, and each player must say a word that rhymes with it. The first player who cannot think of a rhyme must take a drink.


The player chooses a category (e.g., types of fruit), and each player in turn must name something from that category. The first player who cannot think of something to name must take a drink.

  • Jack: “Make a rule.” The player creates a new rule that all players must follow for the remainder of the game.
  • Queen: The player becomes the question master and can ask any other player a question. If that player answers the question, they must take a drink.
  • King’s Cup:  The player pours a portion of their drink into a central cup. When the fourth king is drawn, the player who draws it must drink the entire contents of the cup.

Once the base row of cards is depleted, players move on to the next row until all cards have been drawn.

The “Ride the Bus” drinking game can be very entertaining, but it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and not overdo it.

Ride the Bus Drinking Game: Phase One: Dealing the Cards

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First Round:

One of the players will be the dealer, who will shuffle the deck. The game will start after the dealer shuffles it from the left and asks the first player if he wants the black or red one. The payer then has to guess whether the card is black or red. If their guess is right, nothing will happen, but if it is wrong, they need to take a sip from their drink. The game continues until one of the players receives their first card.

Second Round:

In the next round, the dealer will ask the player if the card he is about to deal with has the lowest or highest number. The person must respond while keeping in mind that ace is the highest. When the person guesses wrong they need to take a sip from their drink. The game continues till everyone has their second card. When both cards are the same the dealer should reshuffle the card back into the deck and choose from the top.

Third Round:

This round will follow the same format as the first two, but the dealer will ask if the card he is about to deal with falls between the previous two cards’ values or outside the gap. Suppose the first two cards are nine and eight, and the player guesses that five will be inside and kind will be outside; if the person guesses wrong, then he needs to drink. However, if the card is the same as any of the boundary cards the dealer should shuffle and choose from the top again.

Fourth round:

This is the final deal, where the dealer will ask every player to select a suit. Every player will have four chances to avoid drinking. If the person guesses wrong, then they must take a sip from their drink. If their guess is correct they will be given five drinks, which they can divide among the other players.

Ride the bus drinking game, Second Phase: Building the pyramid

Players should collect the four divided cards and hold them in a way that no one sees them. The dealers must then construct a face-down card pyramid with five cards at the bottom, and four in another row, and contribute until there is one card at the top. The value of drinking will go up the pyramid. The counting will start with the cards placed in the bottom row and then go up one drink at a time. Suppose the person fails to make the bottom layer of five cards, then the player has to drink five sips.

You can place multiple cards in each row, and if the player who built the pyramid wins, the drinks will be given to other players. Players can also save the cards if they believe they can match them with a high-value pyramid. It will be a risky move because having different cards in your hands at the end of phase two means you must ride the bus.

Third Phase: Ride the Bus drinking game

Once the whole pyramid card is turned over and the drinks are distributed, the players need to compare the cards they have in their hands. Ideally, they must have gotten rid of all the cards, but there is still a chance of a few cards remaining. The person with the high card number needs to ride the bus. If two people have the same number of cards, the person holding the cards with the highest value must ride the bus. If both have matching high cards, then the loser is whoever has the better high card.

Ending Note

In the Ride the Bus drinking game, there is no traditional way to “win” the game. The game focuses on having fun and drinking with friends rather than trying to achieve a particular goal or victory. However, the game goal is to avoid ending up with the most penalty points earned by failing to complete challenges or by breaking rules. The player with the most penalty points at the end of the game is the loser and must “ride the bus” by drinking a lot of alcohol in a short period.

Players should do their best to complete all challenges and follow all rules and avoid drinking. It’s important to pace yourself and not drink too much too quickly, as this can lead to penalties and an increased likelihood of losing. Remember, the game goal is to have fun and enjoy the company of your friends while drinking, so try not to take it too seriously and drink responsibly.

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