How to make Cardboard Cigarette Boxes Wholesale at home?


The cigarettes demand in the world is always rising due to the number of smokers, no matters how much the government tries to reduce the smoking ratio, but about every age group continues to consume them. Like every other packaging design for any product, the packaging used in cigarettes has an important task to do. It saves the item from any sort of damage by stacking and also protects it from the moisture entering the package which can damage the tobacco inside the product.

Cigarette Boxes are also designed in creative graphics to showcase the enriched nature of the tobacco used in them and make it appeal to more consumers. No matters how much appealing the Custom Cigarette Boxes USA are, everyone always thinks of designing a packaging style of own which you may use of our own cigarette brand or just as a carry case to store cigarettes by your preferred brand in them. With the use of proper tools and material, you can easily make a cigarette case of your desired design at home. Just follow these simple steps for making it.

Hunt the Resources

Before the main DIY craftsmanship, start with digging out the required materials needed in the process of designing the container. Make sure you have proper tools for the process and you have to also make the choice of the right materials which you will be going to use for the construction. The choice of materials can also be done in accordance with the need and durability desired. You have to complete the following materials.

  • Adhesive
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Cigarette packaging template
  • Vinyl for finishing
  • Scale
  • Safety scissors


You can download the template of the packaging from the internet and can get it printed on an A4 sheet or you can simply cut open an existing box of cigarettes for getting the required dimensions.

For making a high-quality cigarette packaging it is always preferred to download a proper template as it gives you the perfect dimensions with flaps to be folded and flip bottoms which help you while construction, the presence of dotted lines on these templates give you a better information of the placement of the glue ends and the folding area of the construction.

Design the Plan

Once got the desired template, start to enhance the design by using the graphic. You can download a template of Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes from the internet or start to do it yourself in Photoshop. There are many variations present on the internet which you can consider while designing your box. After finalizing the design you can print it on a photo paper or vinyl sheet and can paste it on the main construction with the use of strong adhesive, try to minimize the risk of bubbles during pasting as it can give a bad impact in the visuals.

Cut and Tuck

Once you have got a solid sheet with design and dimensions printed on it, start by cutting the excess part with the use of safety scissors. Be care full while trimming the excess part as there is always a risk of cutting any needed flap. Consider the lines as the parameters and use a metal scale to crease the inside of the packaging for folding them with ease, you can make use of less Sharp end of scissors to only give the sheet a crease, try not to damage the template while creating.

Fixative the Ends

Once you have got the plan, start to form the needed construction by creasing the template from the given positions and getting the ends glued with the adhesive for solid and sturdy nature of packaging which is required to protect the cigarettes in a better way. Consider the lines of the template for your guideline and construct the box in an efficient way. The difficulty of this process can depend upon the choice of material used in the construction of such Custom Cigarette Boxes as cardboard is a bit difficult to fold due to the strong nature than an A4 paper sheet.

Creating your own cigarette cases help you to try to be more creative, you can try more variations in design than just the box you got with the cigarettes while purchasing them. Once you got the idea of how to do it in a proper way, you can also try it at the wholesale level as these boxes are easy to make due to single sheet construction.

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