How much does it cost to publish a book

how much does it cost to publish a book


You can publish your book online and launched it as an e-book. Here you must be willing to know how much does it cost to publish a book. Technology gives you the best option to become an author in the shape of Amazon or Kobo IngramSpark.

Do you have excellent writing skills and want to become a famous author? If yes, then you should try to find a publisher to get your book published. In recent days advanced technology made it quite easy to self-publish your book.

Want to become a self-publisher? If yes, then understand the difference between the traditional publisher and the self-publisher.

Traditional Publishing: 

Once you finish the manuscript, you have to hire a Agent. Next, the manuscript is mailed to the respective publishers. The publishing houses will go through the details. If they found suitable will accept the proposal to publish your book. You need to pay for the marketing and promotional cost of the book.

Self-Publishing Offline – how much does it cost to publish a book:

It may be the case that traditional publishers don’t accept your manuscript. Life won’t stop here. You can go for self-publishing of your Book in hardcopy or paperback. Here you will also need a publisher who will take payments for publishing your book. Marketing and promotional costs will be extra.

Self-Publishing Online- how much does it cost to publish a book:

For online publishing with Amazon Kindle, you will get a scope for direct publishing. You can also get the benefit of creating space and can do the advertising of your own. The self-publishing feature also offers audience reviews and projections.

So, self-publishing is no doubt a great way to sell huge numbers of copies of your book. You can stay connected with the audience. Amazon will charge a commission for the same.

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Cost of self-publishing a book

Once you are opting to publish a book online, you should look at how much to publish on Amazon. Market statistics revealed that against every 1000 words, the authors pay $24 as development editing cost

For copy editing and proofreading, the authors have to pay $15-20 or $10-15. But, experienced writers can spend more on book promotion.

Now, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the small budget and a larger budget.

Using free publishing software

Free software is available, which can give you the best support in writing and publishing a book. This will cost around $ 100 to $300. To write a book, you will need writing software such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, etc.

Once you finish the writing, you need to hire a designer to make transform it into digital form. If you know, then you can do it yourself too. You can take the help of Vellum design software to prepare the digital book fast.

If you use scrivener or vellum, then it will cost between $45. This software will make your job easy.

Things to know for editing and proofreading

It is always suggested to appoint any other person to edit and proofread your writings. Here you must know how much does it cost to publish an ebook. Otherwise, it is always a good choice to appoint a third person to proofread your writing. A professional proofreader will charge $17 per hour.

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A copy editor charges $15 to $20 per hour. So if it is a 40000 words’ manuscript, you have to pay $960 to a proofreader and $680 to the copy editor. Want to hire the professionals? If yes, then check their reviews and testimonials to judge the quality of their work.

The task of a development editor is to check the tone and direction of your writing. A copy editor will check every sentence and will do the necessary changes to it. A copy editor will check the grammar, spelling, and construction. They will edit and remove grammatical mistakes. To hire a proofreader, you should consider the following points.

  1. The total word count of your book
  2. The numbers of hours that you want a proofreader should spend on your book
  3. Number of pages
  4. The entire project

Apart from those, you should also ask the proofreader about the following things:

1.  The style of editing they use

2. Whether they will edit the book in British English or US English

3. Whether they mastered in any particular style of writing

4. Checking testimonials from previous customers

5. Time to take for editing and price they charge

If you don’t want to spend more on this, you should do the editing yourself as much as possible. You should check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, etc.

If you do this there is no need to pay extra money to the professionals for editing. Such errors you can check with the help of Microsoft Word. Other free grammar tools are also available online. You can also take advantage of it.

Benefits of self-publishing a book

You can be either a fiction or a non-fiction writer. In both cases, you will get the benefit of the online publishing of books. You can share the story and grab the interest of the readers. This is no doubt a quite easy way to earn a good income.

Do you believe that your story can win the hearts of the readers? Are you sure to have a good knowledge of online marketing? If yes, then this platform is perfect for you.

At first, complete your draft and identify your target audience. Now find the income retailer online and set the target of your income.

Printing a book and its cost

To edit a book of 40000 to 50000 words, a writer needs to spend at least $250 to $300. With the advanced technology used for Self-publishing, chances are there for a price reduction in the future. If you don’t want to use writing software and online publishing, go with traditional printing. So, here you should check how much does it cost to print a book.

The cost of printing a book depends on various factors. The page count, size of the book, paper, etc. factors you need to check. After this fixing, the price for printing a book was decided.

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In general, we can see the price per book varies depending on the number of books your order to print. Apart from page count or paper, machine hours, labor, etc also need to be considered for printing a book.

Cost of designing a book cover

To make the book attractive to the customers, it is necessary to give your book a graceful book cover. This is no doubt a creative decision that you have to take. You can hire a professional to select the best cover for your book. If you hire a designer for your book cover, it may cost from $50 to $500.

It will be quite easy to search for a designer for the book cover. You can browse online and can find the best designer with good experience. Then you need to contact them in person and ask whether he or she is free to work for your book or not. Then complete the contract based on their fees.

You can also get in touch with some budget designers. They will suggest you select the cover from the templates. But expensive designers will generate exclusive covers for your book. You should also let them known whether you want 3D cover for a website or digital publishing or cover for a print.

So, depending on your budget, you should select the cover of the book. You can spend $100 to get the cover from the templates or can get more creative covers by spending more amounts. If you cannot afford to hire a professional, then you can get free book covers from Canva.

If you have a tight budget:

First, you know how much it costs to have a book printed, how much it costs to publish a book, and the cost of online publishing. You need to check whether your budget supports it or not. If you cannot afford to pay a proofreader or copy editor, then you can join a creative writing group. This way you will be able to get free feedback on your writing. This is a good option to enhance your writing skill.

You can also write a guest blog post based on your draft. This will help you to get editorial feedback at free of cost.

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