10 Worst PSP Game Adaptations of All Time

PSP Game

Creating a portable game console to play anywhere is a great idea! But porting gamers’ favorite franchises to this hastily-assembled console isn’t so good. Sometimes these games have a less elaborate design than retro slots at https://nationalcasino.com/. However, some of the games transferred from PCs to consoles are now notorious legends. These are the worst of them.

Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors is a legendary game that spawned an entire genre, but in porting it to the console, the developers made a big mistake. Large-scale battles were cut down to scuffles, each mission resembled the previous one, and the graphics were deliberately degraded.

Metal Gear: Solid Portable Ops

This game has little in common with the familiar MGS. It is characterized by relatively bad graphics, sad single-player campaign, disgusting controls and inability to play with other players.

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love

What does a person imagine when he hears about James Bond? Spectacular shootings from Hollywood action movies, spectacular chases, great ladies, rich men’s mansions. It is in the game, but it is on the level of Bollywood movies.

Prince of Persia: Revelations

Prince of Persia: Revelations was a landmark event for fans of the “hack n slash” genre, but instead of inexpressible feelings of escaping from enemies and detailed battles, players received a crooked port of the worst game in the series, complete with monotony of game locations and monotonous battles that followed the same script.

WWII: Battle Over the Pacific

In the game, you will become a fighter or bomber pilot of your choice, sounds tempting, right? But there’s one thing that will put off any interest in this budget project. Every mission is about destroying something. Whether it’s a train, a ship, or a lighthouse, it doesn’t matter, the missions are monotonous and boring.

Bloons Tower Defense

While the third and fourth series of the game were very popular in the marketplace, the version released on the PSP was not noteworthy. Again, the stripped-down gameplay and lack of a survival mode with endless rounds made it one of the worst games in the series.

Fade to Black

Fans of this game might have been interested in its PSP version but were disappointed. Opponents became unkillable, and the save and load system of the game was done poorly and worked sporadically.

Off Road

The game was intended to be an off-road race, but what players saw in the release was nothing like racing over hills, puddles, and cliffs. Tracks are presented as a flat surface with mud or grass texture, opponents do not shine with intelligence, and the choice of vehicles is small (18 cars). The result is just another one night race.

Ape Escape Academy

The series about Spike and the hyperactive monkeys is known around the world for its gameplay and concept. But in Ape Escape on PlayStation Portable the idea behind the game was pushed to the background and as a result gamers got a few mini-games about monkeys.

Transformers: The Game

The game looks like a Transformers movie but with a $100 budget. The robots move unnaturally, the environments look way too artificial, as if the game was made on a free version of Unity 3D in a week. The controls make you strain in every fight to be able to do anything the way you want.

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