10CRIC’s New IPL Section and Special Surprises from Chris Gayle


It’s the exciting time of the year again for cricket fans. The 2022 Indian Premier League has kicked off on March 26 at the Wankhede Stadium in India. The final is already set and scheduled to take place on May 29 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

We still have a long road ahead before the final but many cricket fans are already enjoying placing bets for the IPL 2022 on 10CRIC.  10CRIC is simply one of the leading cricket betting sites in India, and you can be sure that it has some of the best IPL betting odds online.

And as cricket betting’s market leader, 10CRIC knows how passionate India is when it comes to cricket. This is why having one of the best cricket superstars today as the brand’s ambassador is just right. 10CRIC has partnered with the one and only Chris Gayle to take cricket betting to a universal level.

The Universe Boss

Now, even if Chris Gayle will not be on the IPL field this season, fans can still feel his presence with his partnership with 10CRIC. We may not know whether our favorite guy will be retiring soon but at least he will be the brand’s ambassador until next year. 

This way, we still get to see Gayle be part of something big and exciting. 10CRIC made a great choice to bring Gayle into its team. As the Universe Boss, Gayle is known to be the life of the party. He also has a laidback and carefree attitude which many fans like about him.

His lively personality will always light up the room but aside from all that, he is also known for his care for the less fortunate. Establishing the Chris Gayle Academy is one of his efforts to help people in need. Through this, he gets to help students improve their employment prospects.

Gayle once talked about how important this is for him. He said, “Most of these children face a lot of danger. I’m a successful sportsman, but my background wasn’t pretty at all. I did stray a bit. When you get a bit more mature, you start to realize how dangerous a few things were.

“We are there to guide them, to show them that there is a life ahead. Don’t feel downhearted. Don’t go and pick up a gun, shoot someone, and get locked up in jail. I grew up with nothing, and I made a bit of money.

“Now I can say, ‘I want that car, I want that house’. I’ve got my dream home, so I’m satisfied. This is where I started. The fact that I’m able to help my friends is fantastic. A lot of people would love to be in this position.”

With all that, we can truly say that 10CRIC made the right choice to not only partner up with a charming personality but a caring person too.

IPL Bonuses from 10CRIC

And now, everyone can experience Gayle’s care including cricket punters who want to place IPL bets on 10CRIC. 10CRIC now has great new promos and bonuses that fans should take advantage of. If you’ve never been on the site, use the code “IPLWELCOME” to get a welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000. 

You won’t only get a deposit bonus because this code will also give you 10 free spins on 10CRIC’s exclusive cricket-themed slot game, 10CRIC Wild Wickets Slot.

There is also an ongoing promo called the IPL Legendary Leaderboard. All you need to do is to keep on placing your bets and climb up the said leaderboard. This will give you ab chance to win the weekly cash prizes. This is a promo you want to join if you’re Gayle’s biggest fan because exclusive memorabilia signed by Chris Gayle himself is also up for grabs.

In total, 10CRIC has recently launched eight promos and bonuses that you can enjoy during the whole IPL season which also runs for eight weeks. You can get free bets, cashback, casino bonuses, and even refunds throughout this IPL season if you choose to bet on 10CRIC.

This includes the IPL team bonuses that you should check out. Whatever your favorite team is, there is a special offer that you can get every time you place a bet. Do not forget to use the code “IPLWELCOME” if you’re just signing up at this betting site to make sure that you make the most out of your betting budget this IPL season!

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