The exciting National T20 Cup

The exciting National T20 Cup

In Pakistan it is also possible to find quite interesting cricket competitions. Punters can try best online betting on 1xBet on all these championships. One of the tournaments in question is the National T20 Cup. As its name suggests, it is an instance where Twenty20 cricket is played.

The tournament was established in 2004. This makes it one of the oldest Twenty20 domestic cricket competitions across the entire world.

It should be noted that this is not the only Twenty20 domestic competition in Pakistan. There is also the Pakistan Super League, which, since its creation in 2016, became the main Twenty20 championship in the nation. However, the National T20 Cup still remains as a highly interesting instance. Currently, on 1xBet you can try your best online betting on these excellent and exciting sports championships.

Lots of changes

As it has been the case with many cricket competitions of this kind, the National T20 Cup has seen lots of changes throughout its history. Probably the most important one was a change from a franchise model to a provincial model. This changed completely the squads that regularly participate here. The website can always be used to place wagers on all those squads.

In the current editions of the National T20 Cup, it is possible to find six squads. Each one of them represents a particular province in Pakistan. However, before this format, the competition was contested by several franchises. Some of them were:

  • the Peshawar Panthers;
  • the Faisalabad Wolves;
  • the Lahore Lions;
  • and the Lahore Eagles.
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These franchises were disbanded in 2019. This was the year when the provincial format was rolled out. The 1xBet betting platform has all the current teams of the National T20 Cup, and puters can make all sorts of wagers on it.

The most winning team of the championship

The National T20 Cup has a team that undoubtedly has performed better than all the others. Unfortunately, this was a franchise squad, meaning that it is no longer participating. However, their performances are still well-remembered. Punters can bet live on 1xBet website on all the matches of this competition.We are talking about the Sialkot Stallions. The team won the competition an impressive six times since its inception. This makes it by far the most successful squad in the championship. However, it is likely that one of the provincial teams will reach this record in a few years. The 1xBet website has lots of live bet options to make on all matches played in the entertaining National T20 Cup.

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