Foodie Heaven: How to Eat and Drink Well in Seattle

Foodie Heaven: How to Eat and Drink Well in Seattle

The Emerald City is the glittering jewel of the Pacific Northwest, and it is an absolute gem for foodies everywhere. Situated in the agriculturally rich state of Washington, Seattle benefits from homegrown meats, local produce, fresh seafood, and an extensive array of wineries and breweries. So, if you are looking to excite your taste buds with a diverse array of food and drinks, make Seattle your next city break destination.

There are plenty of things to do in Seattle, but foodies who love nothing more than a delicious selection of fish and shellfish will find Seattle to be a seafood paradise. Copper River salmon is arguably the best tasting salmon in the world, and it originates from the pristine waters of Alaska. This delectable species even has its own ceremony when the first fish of the season is flown into the Seattle-Tacoma airport from the Last Frontier. Washington produces the most oysters in the USA, and you will find plates of oysters sourced directly from the Puget Sound in plenty of eateries around the city. One excellent oyster bar that offers affordable seafood is the Walrus and the Carpenter. Another must-not-miss shellfish is the coveted geoduck. This huge clam has a unique appearance and has a sweet, oceanic taste.

  • Visit Pike Place Market with an Empty Stomach

Pike Place Market is the place to be if artisanal products and local food are your thing. This iconic market is home to over 220 stalls, restaurants, and shops run by small businesses, crafters, and farmers. Among other delicacies, you can try the infamous Seattle Hot Dog at the market, which is essentially a hot dog smothered in cream cheese and topped with grilled onions. With fishmongers, butchers, and greengrocers calling Pike Place Market their home, this market is also an excellent place to be if you want to do some cooking during your Seattle stay. In addition to a huge array of places to eat and drink, visitors will find fresh blooms, local artwork, and handcrafted goods for sale too.

  • Get Your Morning Coffee Fix at the Original Starbucks

Seattle is famous for being the birthplace of the international coffee retailer Starbucks. You can find the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market (although the very first store was located on a different street). Grab a specialty coffee and marvel at the original features of this Starbucks, such as the original brown mermaid logo. In addition to Starbucks, there are plenty of other coffee shops that offer freshly brewed beverages that are worth a visit. Hello Em is the perfect place to try Vietnamese coffee while Fulcrum Cafe offers many varieties of unique latte flavors.

  • Indulge in an Alcoholic Beverage

If you fancy something a bit stiffer than a coffee, visit one of the many breweries scattered throughout Seattle, such as Holy Mountain and Elliott Bay Brewing Co. You can find over 1,000 wineries in Washington, and wine connoisseurs can enjoy a glass or two in one of Seattleā€™s urban wineries.

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