Boosting in World of Warcraft: Lvling and Dressing Your Character


Multiplayer World of Warcraft, you start from scratch. An absolutely “naked” character, who appears in the starting location of his race, is ready to go on a new journey through the expanses of Azeroth. To do this, the player needs to take the first quest, which will direct him in the right direction. There are hundreds of interesting tasks ahead, dozens of dungeons and raids with unique loot.

For a beginner, all this looks interesting and exciting, so time passes unnoticed. But what if you are already downloading the fifth character in a row or want to reach a high-level content rather than killing boars in the desert steppes near Orgrimmar. In this case, it is better to use the guide, where all the nuances of fast WoW boosts pumping through the simplest quests, short dungeons and routes, where they give the most experience, will be described.

There is another way, even simpler than using guides. Third-party platforms offer players boosting for gold or real money, including leveling a character from level 1 to level 60. You don’t have to be at the computer. Just leave your account information so that another player can log in. Do not worry about the security of personal data. Blizzard – uses factor authentication, so you can always regain access to your account. In addition, the platform offering boosting values ​​its reputation and is interested in doing everything with high quality.

How to quickly upgrade a character in World of Warcraft

After you have chosen a class, race and given the hero a name, the player is transferred to the starting location. Its location depends directly on the chosen faction (Alliance and Horde). In the future, you will be able to travel throughout Azeroth and the outer worlds (Shadowlands, Outland Zones, Dreanor). The character has an initial first level and gains experience for killing monsters, quests, research, and resource extraction. Almost everything contributes to the leveling of the hero, but in World of Warcraft for a long time there have been the most simple and optimal ways of accelerated leveling:

  1. Constant passage of dungeons with a group of 5 people. For killing the last boss, you get from 20 to 50 thousand experience. Exp is given to all players, so it is convenient to look for the same leveling players so that the process goes faster.
  2. Help a player with a high level. Many dungeons, if you enter them through a normal portal, are cleared of opponents by one character of level 60. He can take you into a group to help you level up have to do is stand near the entrance to the insta, and get experience for each monster you kill.
  3. Completing a quest chain in a patch Legion. Enthusiasts have checked that the easiest and fastest quests are in the sixth add-on. In addition to standard quests in locations, the Legion now has class halls that allow you to complete quests and unlock unique transmogs .
  4. Swing in DPS. If your class has branches of a tank, healer and fighter, then you need to do quests in the role of the latter. This will allow you to kill opponents faster. But it is recommended to register in the queue for passing the dungeon in a tank or healer. This way you will quickly find yourself a group.
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All these methods work in the current patch Shadowlands. But they can not be compared in terms of pumping speed with boosting. They will help you upgrade your character in just 6-8 hours. Upon completion, you will receive a level 60 hero, ready for the passage of high-level content.

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