Xbox game pass ultimate- Will you subscribe or not?

Xbox game pass ultimate- Will you subscribe or not?

Xbox Game Pass is one of the video game subscription service offered by Microsoft. Likewise,  this subscription is provided for using it with Xbox One console and Windows 10. Many call it the “Netflix for video games.” Playing the Xbox game pass pc will keep you entertained for a long.

Moreover, the Xbox Game Pass provides users access to a whole range of catalog of games. In addition, the games are from different publishers. Well, the service is offered against a single subscription for a monthly price.

About the Xbox game PC games 

Importantly, Xbox Game Pass offers unlimited access to 100 + Superior-quality games. Moreover, there is a constant addition of new titles all the time. You may love to play either console games or PC games, or it can be both, there is some plan or other for you. 

What about the Xbox game ultimate? 

In addition, Xbox Game Pass is available in three tiers: Ultimate, PC, and console. Moreover, the Ultimate one is the most expensive one out of there. Many questions if it’s worth going with the Xbox game pass ultimate.

It was in the year 2019 when the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate program announced. During that time, Xbox game pass is Microsoft’s latest addition to the list of popular services. After that, It was the request from the user’s end for the launch of a single program. They requested it as a combo subscription pack for Game Pass & Xbox Live Gold.

Keeping the subscriber’s request, Microsoft delivered the same. That’s all behind the secret of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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What to get in Xbox Game Ultimate monthly subscription?

Firstly, you need to know about the subscription amount for this package. It will cost you $14.99 per month. After that, for three months, it will cost you $44.99, for six months, $89.99, and for one year, the rate is $179.99.

The package contains:

  • Xbox Gold subscription: It offers online multiplayer, monthly game giveaways, and game discounts.
  • It gives access to 100 + games for PC (which means only Windows 10) and Xbox One consoles
  • Opportunity to Play the Xbox Game Studio titles, for example, Halo and Gears of War. You can play it the day it comes out
  • You can enjoy fabulous member discounts with perks like prizes in the form of trading points

Price comparison between Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Ultimate:

I month Subscription: 

For 1-month Xbox Live Gold costs you $9.99 and the same for Xbox Game Pass. If you take them as a separate package, it will cost you almost $ 20. But with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get both and that too at $15.

3 months Subscription: 

Similarly, for 3-months, Xbox Live Gold costs you $24.99, and for Xbox Game Pass, it’s $29.99. If you take them as a separate package, it will cost you almost $ 55. But with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get both and that too at $44.99. It is saving $10.


6 months Subscription: 

Likewise, for 6-months, Xbox Live Gold costs you $39.99, and for Xbox Game Pass, it’s $59.99. If you take them as a separate package, it will cost you almost $100. But with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get both and that too at $89.99. Saving of nearly $10

1-year Subscription: 

Similarly, for an annual subscription, Xbox Live Gold costs you $59.99, and for Xbox Game Pass, it’s $119.99. If you take them as a separate package, it will cost you almost $180. Well, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you get both at $179.99. Here there are no savings as you pay the same.

Market studies reveal that the six months and annual plans for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass offered on sale many times. Thus, it lowers down the price, making it a better choice to go with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan

But New games keep adding in Xbox game pass ultimate, pc, and so as a player, you will always get something fresh to play. Users will get some special member deals and discounts. You can also get the chance to play with friends. For this, you need to use the most advanced yet playful multiplayer network. Keep discovering fresh and new favorite games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Here Are All The Excellent Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In September

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Frequently asked questions for Xbox Game Ultimate:

There will be many questions that will pop in your mind before you plan to switch to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We are sharing a few FAQs with answers for your easy decision making.

Where will I get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to subscribe?

Well, it’s simple. You can now buy the plan visiting Xbox Game Pass.

Where should I check to know about my member benefits?

After joining the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, you will feel privileged enough. You can access all benefits of the Xbox Live Gold, visiting the Xbox Live Gold lounge. You will find it on Xbox One Home. Check the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass visiting the Xbox Game Pass dedicated tab on the Xbox One.

If I have some prepaid months left in Xbox Live Gold/ Xbox Game, will I get an advantage in Xbox Game Ultimate?

The moment one buys the subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the prepaid time, if any, on Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass will get added in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan. Well, the inclusion will be for a max of 36 months only. Please note rates of Prepaid time conversion may change.

How will I know about the available games for the Xbox game ultimate PC?

To get the list of games available on the platform, please visit Xbox Game Pass.

Are all games available with Xbox Live Gold/ Xbox Game Pass? Will I get in Xbox Game Ultimate?

Yes, of course, all games of Xbox Live Gold/ Xbox Game Pass will be available for you. You choose to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Will my gold benefits be applicable for me if I switch to Xbox Game Ultimate?

We will get the chance to enjoy all your benefits available with the Xbox Live Gold plan. Also, to that, you will get the benefit of online console multiplayer, exclusive member deals, and Games with Gold, with the ultimate plan.

What if I accidentally subscribed to Xbox Game Ultimate?

You are free to cancel the subscription of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at any time. The best part is that you will continue having access to the Ultimate benefits until the prepaid period ends, and you will not get charged again.

In case you have more questions in mind, then visit the website of Xbox games for answers. Which plan to choose will depend on your gaming habits and your choice of Xbox game pass PC Games. New games addition will happen from time to time, and you can check the list to decide the games.

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