What to Look for in an iGaming Site


Developments and advancements in technology over the past couple of decades have been rapid. As a part of this, iGaming is becoming an increasingly popular niche within the gambling industry. Utilising increased broadband and mobile internet speeds and the faster processing power of pcs and smartphones, iGaming allows people to play and bet on online games in real time. This includes everything from in-game betting on a live football match to playing against real opponents in an online poker tournament.

With iGaming now occupying a significant part of the market, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of websites out there offering customers the opportunities to play and place bets. Online sportsbooks, online bingo, online poker, and generalist online casino all compete for players, and it can be a daunting experience trying to choose one to play on.

How to Choose an iGaming Site

A Good Reputation

Firstly, any iGaming site you choose to use should be legal. Make sure it complies with all the online gambling laws in your country; that might require it to be fully licensed and regulated like Casino 777. This should be easy enough to find out online. You should also search for reviews of the website, both from customers and from review sites – although beware that these might have been paid to say something favourable. Existing customers will often leave reviews, especially if they are really pleased or really upset, so this is the best way for you to find out what an iGaming site is like to use.

Available Games

Each iGaming site will have a different selection of games to play. Some specialise, for example by focusing on online slots or online bingo, while others offer a selection of traditional casino games. The specialist sites will have a wider variety of games within their niche, so if you know you definitely only want to play online slots, they might be a better option for you as you’ll have a bigger choice.


Site Design

Many iGaming websites develop their own unique theme in order to attract customers. This can also tell you a lot about the kind of people you will find there. Some sites are obviously designed to attract female players, with softer colours and fun themes like pop art. Other sites steer clear of gimmicks and want to attract more professional players. They might have a more luxurious theme or stick to a simple colour palette so as not to appear overcluttered.

Payment Methods

Gone are the days when people pay for everything online with their bank cards. In fact, using a card is now one of the least secure online payment methods. This is why the best iGaming sites offer their customers many alternatives, including online wallets like PayPal, Apple and Google Pay, protected online bank transfers with Trustly, and PaySafeCard, a prepayment debit card. Some iGaming sites even offer payments in cryptocurrencies. Make sure you check out a website’s accepted payment methods before signing up so that you know it offers one you’re comfortable using.

Bonuses and Free Games

Because the market is so competitive, some iGaming websites offer new customers bonuses for signing up with them. These often come in the form of free spins on a chosen online slot, matching a deposit amount, or a one-off sign-up bonus, regardless of whether you make a deposit or not. These bonuses can be a great way to start off your account with some extra cash, but make sure you read the small print carefully. Many are non-withdrawable and expire after a certain amount of time. Others only kick in once you have deposited or withdrawn a fixed amount of your own money. Most importantly, don’t let an appealing bonus draw you to a site with a bad reputation and no secure payment options.



Because there are so many iGaming sites competing for players, these features are really important in helping to differentiate between them. A website’s long-term reputation can be damaged by a few bad reviews, if it’s missing popular games, or it doesn’t offer secure payment methods. So, these are the very minimum you should expect from a site to know that it is trustworthy and customer-focused. Liking the style of the site and qualifying for any bonuses it offers are cherries on the top.


iGaming is not only the future but a fun and exciting hobby to have, though you need to make sure you choose to play on sites which are trustworthy. Make sure you read reviews from existing customers to give yourself an idea of the site’s reputation. Choose a website which offers you secure payment options that you are comfortable using and offers you a good variety of the games you want to play. Don’t choose a site based only on the bonuses it offers, no matter how tempting they are.


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