Summertime Saga: The Ultimate Dating Game To Play

Summertime Saga

Dating Games are more popular than it was before. Many games are available on the gaming market, but the Summertime Saga has its own fan following. It is a dating simulator game designed for the young audience to feel love in the game. Now, it has yet to be fully launched; it is just in beta testing. However, you can download it on any device. Many people need to learn how to download the Summertime Saga. Dont worry; this article will tell you how to download the game and all the other important things about the game. So, keep reading.

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Summertime Saga Characters:

The game has over 65 game characters. However, not all characters are popular; here are the main characters of the Summertime Saga.

Main Character:

The game’s main character is an 18-year-old boy. The story of the game starts with him attending his dad’s burial. After the death of his dad, he lives with Debbie and Jenny. He is attending school and finding a part-time job. However, his friends help him in his journey. He is a kind boy with average height and a slim appearance. In nature, he is shy but helps his friends against bullies. He loves eating cookies and also loves kung fu. You have to give him a name when you start the game for the first time. 

Summertime Saga

Credit: Apkpure


Frank is the father of the Main Character. He is dead in the game, and the cause of his dad is unknown. His son is finding the reason for his death. We can only see him in old photos; he had big mustaches and looked similar to his son. He owes enormous money to the Russian mafia, and his son and wife need to pay the debt.


She is the main character’s landlord and lives with him in the same house. She has medium brown hair with gray eyes, and she always wears a purple gown that reveals too much of her body. Frank was her close friend, and after his death, she offered his son a home and sent him to school. She doesn’t leave home.


Diane is a friend of Debbie. She has grey eyes and short brown hair. She is mostly seen in a gardening costume. Her behavior toward the main character is very loving, and she helps him whenever needed. She has a daily brand and works hard to make it big. She was the first to give the main character jobs like delivering milk and caring for vegetables. Her nature is shy, but sometimes she becomes flirtatious.


Jenny lives in the same house as the main character and Debbie. She is a 24-year-old girl with a curvy figure. She has been living in Debbie’s house since childhood. Jenny is greedy and does nothing for free; she is a college dropout with three state championships as a head cheerleader. She writes a diary in her bedroom. She always has ideas to obtain cash out of the main character. 

These are all the main characters of the name other characters are the students from his school and other city people.

Summertime Saga Locations:

Summerville: The game is in the town of Summerville. It is a small town with many places to visit. A large forest borders the city. It has a pool, gym, basketball court, tattoo parlor, and a park. For shopping, it has a local mall. Other structures include a church, police station, hospital, library, and college. However, we must notify you to stay away from the warehouse for your protection.

Summertime Saga

Credit: SummertimeSaga

Home: The home where the main character, Debbie and Jenny, live. It became the new home of the main character after his father passed. It has two floors with a basement and a backyard. The attic, garage, and cellar are small but suitable for keeping stuff. You can play minigames like Maze Runner, Orc Bork, and Photographer in the home.


Stat Improvement Minigames: Muay Thai, Maze Runner, Rap Battle, and weightlifting come in these categories of minigames. Muay Thai is a training game, and a rap battle is a skill game.

Jobs Minigames: These types of minigames are the jobs you must do to earn money. Fishing, Gardening, Hot tub cleaning, Milking, and Pizza delievery come in this category.

Fights and Challenges Minigames: You can take challenges and fights in this one. Basketball, Fight with Dexter, Octopus Fight, Pushups minigame, and shooting game are minigames of this category. Besides this, other minigames are also available in the game. 

The game also has more than 300 items. You can use it to play the game easily. Now you know about the game, let me tell you how to download it.

How to download Summertime Saga:

You can play Summertime Saga on all devices, But how to download it? Here is the way to download it on your device.

First, enable your device to download apps from unknown sources. You need to enable this feature to download the game on Android and Iphone. You can find the tutorial to allow it online. After doing it, go to Summertime Saga’s Official site. On the home page, find the download button, click it, and a download page will open. On the download page, you will download buttons for windows, Linux, Android, and IOS. Choose your device, and your game will start downloading. Other websites provide the game, but it can give your device a virus. So, always download the game from the official Summertime Saga Website. 


You need 2GB of free space on your device to download this game. For Android, you need a version higher than 6.0. For Windows, you need a version higher than Windows XP. A minimum of 4 GB ram is required to run this game. No graphics card is required to play this game. If you have these requirements, you can run this game.


What is Summertime Saga?

It is a dating simulator game created by Darkcookie. The game has 50+ characters and 30+ locations, Unique Minigames. With every update, they make the content for many hours.

Is this game Free?

You dont need to pay any money to download the game or play the game. However, if you like the game and want to support the artist who created the game, you can subscribe to their Patreon; this way, you are helping the creator. 

When will it release on the play store?

So, there has yet to be a confirmation about this game being released on the play store. However, you can easily download the game from their official site.

How many hours is the summertime saga?

It depends on how you play. If you play only the main story, it will last 18 hours, and if you play the main story with extras, it will take 22 hours to complete. The game has yet to be fully launched, and the creator is creating additional hours of story, So it will be a big story when Released.


In conclusion, The game Summertime Saga is unique, with many features that make players love it. Luckily, You can play this game on almost any device with ease. You can download the game from their official site. If you are a guy, who loves dating games, then this one is perfect for you. Different characters, lovely locations with a great story make this game better than other games. So, download it, share it with your friends, and subscribe to the creator’s Patreon to support him. Share your opinion about the game in the comments.

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