Muscular Dog Breeds: 12 Species To Bring Home This Year!

Muscular Dog Breeds

You may be wondering to buy a pet dog for yourself. From the ancient times, dogs were used for hunting and petting. The dogs which were used for petting had to be muscular so that they could protect their owners. In recent times, the concept of owning a strong and muscular dog is many. First, muscular dogs tend to be more active as compared to gentler ones. They can keep up with the owners as well. Muscular dogs can perform well in chaotic households and can also be your best friend or cuddly partner! If you are planning to buy a muscular dog breeds for yourself, then this article is just the right one for you. To know more, scroll down!

Muscular Dog Breeds

1)     American Pit Bull Terrier

Height 17-21 inches
Weight 30-70 pounds
Lifespan 9-13 years
Breed group None
Shed level Moderate
Temperament Friendly
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Allergies, obesity, hip dysplasia, cataracts.

muscular dog breeds

The most muscular dog breed to ever exist is the American pit bull terrier. They are an extremely muscular breed of pup. You can feel their muscles through their skin. American pit bull terrier is a sturdy and robust breed with a muscular body and a block-head. Notably, American Pit bulls need an extra special diet to maintain their muscles and sturdiness. They also need to exercise regularly to maintain their robust shape. Another fact about American pit bull terriers is that if you do not give even a little bit of attention to their diet, they can gain weight very quickly.

2)     Boxer

Height 21.5-25 inches
Weight 50-80 pounds
Lifespan 10-12 years
Breed group Working
Shed level Moderate
Temperament Friendly
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Cancer, heart disease, bloat, hypothyroidism.

When you look at a boxer, you will not be able to guess that it belongs to the muscular dog breed. It is a medium-sized dog that has a robust and squarish appearance. They are usually denoted as “Powerhouse on four legs!” They have a muscular chest which gives them a solid and full-bodied appearance. On the one hand, they are strong. On the other hand, they are one of the gentlest dogs to ever exist in nature. Therefore, if you want to pet a boxer, you can do it because boxers are one of the muscular dog breeds.

3)     Cane Corso

Height 24-26 inches
Weight 88-110 pounds
Lifespan 9-12 years
Breed group Working group
Shed level Low
Temperament Loyal and aloof
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Obesity, joint issues, epilepsy, mange, bloat, eye problems.

Cane Corsos are huge muscular dogs, originally bred in Italy. Also known as the Italian Mastiff, Cane Corsos were bred for hunting and protecting. They were also used to play wild games and in farming. Cane Corso is one of the muscular dog breeds that can be petted for human protection. The Cane Corso weighs at least a hundred pounds and is 27-29 inches tall. They need proper training to grow up as well-mannered and tamed dogs otherwise they are not very relaxed!

4)     Dobermann

Height 24-28 inches
Weight 60-100 pounds
Lifespan 10-12 years
Breed group Working group
Shed level High
Temperament Loyal
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Von Willebrand disease, bloat, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia

Other than being one of the muscular dog breeds, Dobermans are usually always curious and smart. They are highly energetic. If you are planning to adopt or buy a Doberman, try to keep in mind that these breeds of dogs need daily activities and exercises to keep healthy, both physically and mentally. Sometimes, Dobermans show destructive behavior because of their very high energy level. Many people think that they are not ideal pets for families having children since they have damaged behavioral patterns and a high prey drive. 

5)     Dogo Argentino

Height 26-27 inches
Weight 80-100 pounds
Lifespan 10-15 years
Breed group Working
Shed level Regular
Temperament Stubborn, extremely loyal, protective, and energetic
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Hip dysplasia, periodontal disease, gastric dilatation, and volvulus (GDV), deafness, laryngeal paralysis, hypothyroidism.

Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, a famous breeder in the Republic of Argentina, made this cross-bred dog specially for muscular work such as hunting, wild games, or human protection. Dogo Argentino is also known as the “Giant breed” since it has a height of at least twenty-seven inches. It has a very likable appearance- buzz-haired, silky smooth whitish coat, truffle-black nose, and jet-black mucosal membrane around its eyes. Though a Dogo Argentino is not high maintenance, you should at least bathe it regularly. Hence, Dogo Argentino is one of the most muscular dog breeds to ever exist.

6)     Kangal Shepherd Dog

Height Male: 29 inches

Female: 27 inches

Weight Males: 110-150 pounds

Female: 80-120 pounds

Lifespan 14-15 years
Breed group Working group
Shed level Average
Temperament Hardworking, loyal
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Growth disorders, entropion, sensitivity to anesthesia, gastric dilation, and volvulus.

If a Kangal Shepherd dog is properly trained and taught to be socialized, they become loyal and dutiful towards their owners. The Kangal breed is widely known for its hunting instincts and muscular nature. We cannot claim Kangal dogs to be aggressive, because they are not. This breed just has a huge protective nature, that is all. They are often used as guard dogs for protection. Kangal dogs can even fight against wolves, jackals, and bears. Hence, a Kangal Shepherd dog can be regarded as the most muscular dog breed to ever exist.

7)     American Bully

Height Male: 18-21 inches

Female: 17-20 inches

Weight Male: 35-70 pounds

Female: 30-60 pounds

Lifespan 8-13 years
Breed group Bull
Shed level Low
Temperament Happy, sociable, and borderline boisterous
Energy level Active
Common health concerns Allergies, hip dysplasia, cataracts, and obesity

Also known as the American Pit Bull Terriers, were bred in the United States for dog fighting. Pit bulls are recognized for their playful and adorable nature. If you are planning to pet a type of dog, pit bulls can be a great choice since they are outgoing and sociable. Pit bulls are smart dogs and can be trained very fast. They are one of the most muscular dog breeds and they require constant regular activities in their lifestyle. Pit bulls have huge energy levels, and they need to play at least an hour each day. A pit bull is generally considered a healthy breed and they do not fall sick easily.

8)     Rhodesian Ridge

Height Male: 63-69 cm

Female: 61-66 cm

Weight Male: 36-41 kg

Female: 29-34 kg

Lifespan 10-12 years
Breed group Hound
Shed level Average
Temperament Intelligent, gentle, and courageous
Energy level Moderately active
Common health concerns Dysplasia, hypothyroidism, dermoid sinus, cataracts, deafness, bloat, cancer

The best pet that a family can get is the Rhodesian Ridge. This is one of the muscular breeds that one can afford. Rhodesian Ridge breed is named after “Ridge.” Since this breed’s hair grows down to the center of the dog’s back, that is to the ridge. They are one of the most smart and courageous dog breeds to be ever found in the universe. Rhodesian Ridge breed is also known as the ‘African Lion Hounds,’ as they were earlier bred for tracking down large predators such as lions and tigers. This breed is highly muscular and has an athletic body with great stamina and endurance. They are definitely not aggressive, but yes, they do have a protective nature.

9)     Bully Kutta

Height Male: 44 inches

Female: 36 inches

Weight Male: 70-90 kg

Female: 60-70 kg

Lifespan 8-10 years
Breed group Hound
Shed level Low
Temperament Intelligent, alert, responsive, energetic, and aggressive
Energy level Moderately active
Common health concerns Arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin allergies

We do not have proper evidence of the origin of bully kutta- they originated first in India or Pakistan. Bully kuttas are a rare breed of dogs that are actually very aggressive in nature. Not only does it have a deep and threatening voice, but also its body proportions are very huge. Bully kuttas are well-known as “The Beast of the East,” and according to our resources, this breed of dog has been banned from various countries as well. To be honest, these dogs are not companion ones, rather they are used for wild games and fighting. You need to train a bully kutta properly before bringing it near to common people as it is quite violent.

10)  Greyhound

Height 69 cm to 76 cm
Weight Male: 65-70 pounds

Female: 60-65 pounds

Lifespan 10-14 years
Breed group Hound
Shed level Medium to high
Temperament Friendly and non-aggressive
Energy level Low
Common health concerns Periodontal disease, back, spine and neck issues, arthritis, corns, bone cancer

Though greyhound tends to look overweight or skinny at some points, they are always one of the most muscular dog breeds. Compared to other breed of dogs, greyhound tends to have a more muscular and lean body. Greyhounds have an exceptional muscle-to-fat body ratio as compared to other breeds of dogs. In his breed, muscles are present in the hind legs and the back legs which provides the greyhounds with immense force and girth. Another fun fact about greyhounds is that they love to sleep! Greyhounds do not have as much energy levels as pit bulls or any other breed of dogs, and they do enjoy a lethargic lifestyle.

11)  American Bulldog

Height Male: 50-71 cm

Female: 50-61 cm

Weight Male: 30-58 kg

Female: 27-41 kg

Lifespan 10-15 years
Breed group None
Shed level Low
Temperament Friendly, energetic, assertive, loyal, gentle, and confident
Energy level High
Common health concerns Hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, and skin conditions

These short, stout-looking dogs are one of the muscular dog breeds. They are regarded as athletic and they have great strength and endurance. The chest of a bulldog is the most muscular part of their body. Initially, American bulldogs were bred to be utilized as farm dogs in fields and farms. There are many kinds of American bulldogs- Johnson and Scott bloodlines, Painter, Leclerc, Hines, Old Southern White, etc. American bulldogs are very muscular because of meticulous careful breeding. American bulldogs are bred for strength, power, muscular strength, and tenacity.

12)  Bandog

Height Male: 51-76 cm

Female: 51-76 cm

Weight Male: 45-57 kg

Female: 39-48 kg

Lifespan 10 years
Breed group English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pit Bull Terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier
Shed level Moderate
Temperament Stable, easy-going, even tempered, intelligent and loyal
Energy level Moderately active
Common health concerns Hip and elbow dysplasia, eye diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy, autoimmune thyroiditis, epilepsy, and cancer

When we breed an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Neapolitan Mastiff, we get a cross-bred known as a bandog. The bite strength of a bandog is 730 PSI, which is quite large. Bandogs are regarded as one of the most muscular dogs as they are quite aggressive by nature. Despite their fierce nature, if they are trained properly, they can be made sociable. A bandog is great for human protection and can be a great pet since they do well with kids.


Conclusive Insights

We hope you liked reading our blog about muscular dog breeds. If you are planning to bring a muscular dog breed home, keep in mind to take them for regular veterinary checkups. Do not forget to take preventative care of your pets such as vaccination and parasite control. It is necessary to maintain the good health of your pets so that they do not undergo any health-related or mental problems. I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the most muscular dog?

  • American Pit Bull
  • Dogo Argentino
  •  Cane Corso

2. Are dogs naturally muscular?

Some breeds of dogs are naturally muscular while others need the training to do so.

3. What is the fittest dog breed?

Border Collies


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