League of Legends for Beginners 2022

Legends for Beginners

League of Legends for beginners has been a favorite with video game lovers since launching in 2009. Since then, this Riot Games classic has amassed a considerable following, with more than 128 million average monthly users. Although this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game might seem simple enough, first-time players will need a bit of help getting to grips with play mechanics. Need some insights to improve your odds of coming out on top? Read on for our handy beginner’s guide. 

League of Legends for beginners Explained 

If you’ve ever played a MOBA game before, League of Legends should prove fairly accessible. The premise of this particular MOBA is relatively straightforward, with players taking a spot on a team of five as they attempt to destroy a ‘Nexus’. Players must choose an avatar called a ‘Champion’. 

Each League of Legends match sees a team forced to do battle through three lanes of enemies, as well as a virtual jungle that ties these lanes together. In addition to facing monsters and minions, you’ll need to contend with enemy champions.

What Are Champions? – Legends for Beginners 

As of 2022, there are 159 champions to choose from. These in-game heroes fall into several broad categories, but most champions have their own unique abilities and skills that set them apart from the rest. If you’re new to League of Legends, this number of options can seem overwhelming. The good news is you’re not stuck with the first champion you choose. In fact, it’s recommended that you become acquainted with several champions so you always have a go-to to pick from. 

Certain champions are better suited to rookies. If you have zero experience with League of Legends and want a beginner-friendly champion to learn the ropes with, go for Lux or Garen.

Roles Explained – Legends for Beginners 

If you already follow the League of Legends schedule, you’ll note that each team is made up of several distinct roles. Currently, there are five roles you’re likely to encounter in a standard team line-up. 

Attack-Damage Carrier (ADC) is a ranged role. An ADC can deliver punishing damage from a distance, although the downside is that they suffer from fairly limited health statistics. An Ability-Power Carrier (APC) is another role that can be used to unleash damage on the enemy. Champions in these roles tend to deal damage from a distance, but can also unleash punishing attacks at closer range when an enemy is on the ropes. 

Next, there are Junglers. Unlike other roles, a jungler is best put to work attacking neutral minions and monsters to earn experience and farm gold. Support roles are another essential part of any League of Legends roster. As the name suggests, these roles work best in tandem with other members of the team. They’re best paired with Attack-Damage Carriers, providing much-needed assistance when it comes to doing away with stubborn enemies. In a pinch, a good support should also be able to hold a position independently if an ADC is engaged elsewhere on the battlefield. 

Finally, there are Top Lane champions. Otherwise known as Tank champions, top-laners outrank other roles when it comes to health points. Because of their impressive health stats, top-laners can be used to engage the most fierce enemy combatants until reinforcements arrive. In many cases, in-game leaders will often occupy a top-laner position.

Understanding Rankings – Legends for Beginners 

Once you’ve spent some time mastering basic game mechanics and getting to grips with the exhaustive roster of champions, you can start exploring ranked play. However, in order to enjoy ranked play, you’ll need to achieve a level 30 rating. 

The transition to ranked play isn’t always a smooth one. Generally speaking, your first foray into ranked play will prove difficult. A standard-ranked play match will be fiercely competitive. The social aspect of ranked play also takes some getting used to. A standard team is a well-oiled machine, so don’t be alarmed if an in-game leader is barking orders at you. Ranked play can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s the only way to progress to the next level of League of Legends competition. 

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