Know About The 21 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Know About The 21 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Ask any married woman in the childbearing age what she wants to hear the most. She will say she wants to listen to the good news that she is pregnant. It is one of the biggest desires of a married couple to be a parent. It is a common tendency to see in women to detect if she is pregnant at the very early stage on her own. There are 21 early signs of pregnancy that can help them get aware of their pregnancy.

These signs will help them to identify their pregnancy status. These symptoms, in general, occur before the missed period. These early signs will let the woman be cautious from the first day of the pregnancy. In this way, a woman can take proper care of her baby from the early stage of pregnancy.

Top 21 Signs of Early Pregnancy :

  1. Cramps

Menstrual cramps are one of the initial and clear signs of pregnancy. The experience of cramping can be either light or mild in case she is pregnant. These cramps will give the feel of the days before the periods start. In general, the pain will be either on the lower stomach or back lower.

  1. Spotting

One may notice slight spotting on the panty, which matches the condition when a period starts. This happens due to the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. But, most of the time, these symptoms are mistaken and considered as an average period. This phase is also known as implantation.

  1. Nausea and vomiting

Among the very early signs of pregnancy one week, a tendency of nausea and vomiting are most common. This sign can occur during the second week of the pregnancy also. A woman can feel this symptom until mid-pregnancy. Precautionary measures are must like:

  • Keeping the body dehydrated
  • Avoid aversive smell
  • Take small meals from time to time
  • Avoid spicy and processed food
  1. Metallic taste

Women can feel a metallic taste during their early pregnancy. This feeling happens because of the hormone’s progesterone and estrogen. Many pregnant women experience such taste all through the pregnancy period till delivery.

  1. Heartburn

Heartburn is one of the standard and early signs of pregnancy. This happens due to the change in the levels of pregnancy hormones. So doctors recommend:

  • To take smaller meals
  • Wait a while before lying down after a meal
  • To avoid spicy and greasy food
  • Take natural food
  1. Cough cold and flu

Due to the low immune system during pregnancy, a woman is prone to cold and cough. It is one of the early signs of pregnancy, although not a confirmed one. If you are not taking your food at the right time then you will face this symptom.

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Hence it is necessary to take precautionary measures.

  • One should practice good hygiene
  • Boosting the immunity system by taking self-care.
  1. Tender, Sore, or heavy Breast:

Sore, tender, and heavy breasts are one of the visible pregnancy symptoms. One may experience the same a week before the next period of the day. This happens due to an increase in estrogen levels when there is conception. One may feel tender, full, and acute pain near breasts.

Nipples area turns darker and sensitive or itchy. Many experiences the same before every cycle. If it continues after a missed period, then it indicates the possibility of pregnancy.

  1. Food aversions

If you feel that you can’t tolerate the smell of particular food, all of a sudden, it signifies the early stage of pregnancy. This leads to a change in the taste buds. You will face nausea due to the smell of particular food. So, here it is necessary to

  • Manage bad craving
  • Find healthy food and follow a healthy diet
  • Take food not cooked by the pregnant lady
  1. Weird discharge

All women have secretions on normal days. But, during pregnancy, the discharge of these secretions increases a lot. White or pale sticky discharge you may notice as soon as you become conceive. This happens due to increased blood flow and hormones level change.

  1. Increase in basal body temperature

A pregnant woman will experience a change in the basal body temperature. This is the temperature when we wake up in the morning. Such an increase in the temperature of the body happens during ovulation.
Most of the time, women ignore it as a sign of the beginning of the period cycle. When the basal temperature remains high after a missed period, it indicates a chance of pregnancy.

  1. Feeling bloated and gassy

A woman will face this symptom during early pregnancy. During pregnancy, the digestive system functions slower than usual. Progesterone hormone is responsible for slowing the functioning of the digestive system. This helps to supply nutrients to your baby. Hence feeling bloated and gassy is common during this phase.

Women should take small meals full of nutrients. Slow eating can take care of the digestive system well. Take medications to fight constipation to avoid bloating and gassiness.

  1. Mood Swing

During pregnancy, both estrogen and progesterone levels go up. It controls the chemical mood regulators of the brain. This cause mood swing in a woman during pregnancy. If you feel agitated in simple things without reason then it can be due to mood swings, an early sign of fertility.

  1. Headache and dizziness

These are also important early 21 early signs of pregnancy before the missed period quiz. This happens due to a change in the blood volume and hormone. Women will face changes in blood pressure too.

Though this is a typical symptom and a woman can follow specific rules to get rid of it.

  • She should maintain correct body posture
  • Take plenty of rest
  • Consume at the right time daily
  • Do light exercises.
21 Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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  1. Diarrhea and constipation

During early pregnancy, a woman will experience such problems. During this phase, the hormone makes a rapid change in the digestive system. Your digestive system acts slow. Hence, no woman should strain herself and take rest. She can manage the problem

  • By light exercises
  • Eating fiber-based meal
  • Keeping herself hydrated by consuming water
  • Consulting with doctor
  1. Frequent urination and bowel movements

During pregnancy, the uterus starts expanding. Hence, the bladder starts feeling extra pressure. So, you will notice frequent urination and bowel too. It suggested wearing looser bottoms. Tight leggings or bottoms can cause more pressure on the bladder.

One should consult with doctors if she feels foul-smelling urine. This happens due to vaginal infection. This type of infection can cause harm to the mother and unborn baby.

  1. Fatigue and sleepiness

This is also a sign of early pregnancy. A woman will face fatigue all through the day during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause low blood pressure, low blood sugar, etc.
Hence during this phase, a woman should take a healthy diet all through the pregnancy period. In the initial days of pregnancy, such symptoms are common.
A daytime nap is a great way to treat fatigue during pregnancy. This will help to generate extra energy. Doctors Suggest keeping the duration between 10 to 20 minutes. Light exercises can also cause you to get rid of fatigue.

  1. Congestion

If you are feeling congestion in your nose all the time, then it could be a sign of pregnancy. This can occur without getting a cold or sore throat. You may cough deep and feel stuffy nose all the time.

  1. Acne

If one is pregnant, then she may experience acne on the skin. This symptom is not common for all pregnant woman, and some may experience. You can’t get rid of this problem. But one can manage it by natural treatment with the use of herbs.

  1. Wild dreams

During the early pregnancy, the estrogen increases vaginal secretion. This causes sex dreams, and this is common during early pregnancy. You will experience this symptom if you are at the early stage of pregnancy.

  1. Skin irritation

Skin irritation or itchy skin is also one of the 21 early signs of pregnancy. This happens due to the increase in blood flow in the veins of the skin. You will feel it more if you wear tight dresses. But this can also happen due to liver problems. Hence you should consult with your doctor.

  1. Sensitive teeth or teeth grinding

This can also be one of the 21 early signs of pregnancy. You may grind in your sleep because you are not taking enough nutrients. Thus suggested to take proper vitamin and proper diet every day. Dental problems and especially gum problems are common to see in pregnant women.
Above are some of the most common signs of early pregnancy experienced by women. Apart from that, there are also many other symptoms that you may experience. Some women experience no such indication of pregnancy other than a missed period. The baby delivered by them is also healthy.

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