Is it better to buy a new car or repair your old one?


It’s interesting that more than 2 million cars are sold each year! It’s clear that if so many people are buying and selling cars every year, there is a good chance for you to take advantage of your old or junk vehicle. Today even owners of absolutely broken cars can get cash for junk cars in Las Vegas. There are a lot of services like JunkCarsUS, which can offer you good money, moreover, they usually cover transfer costs. 

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How difficult is it to maintain an old car?

You don’t know how to get rid of a car? We feel your pain. First of all, start by wondering how much your maintenance costs actually are. It is surprising to note that paying a few hundred or thousands of euros to get your old car back on the road can be more expensive than buying a new car.

For those of us who are looking to save on maintenance costs, the smartest thing to do is to learn how to maintain your vehicle yourself. Yes, you read correctly. If you have the necessary skills, you can easily do simple things such as changing candles, changing oil or checking the different levels of liquids at home.

If you feel completely distraught, search the tutorial videos about the year, brand and model of your car. In addition, look through your car’s instruction manual to determine how to repair the car yourself. Think about this, if you have thought about maintaining your car model, someone on the web has probably thought of the same thing and there are changes that have created the perfect guide for you, Youtube is a gold mine for that.

How expensive are the repairs?

You may be wondering: is it worth repairing an old car? If you are not yet ready to scrap your car, one of the wisest things you can do is to know how much the repairs really cost.

If you are not sure that you are able to perform minor repairs, you can try to hire a professional mechanic. However, the cost of repairs can be a little exaggerated. Before paying for an expensive car repair, think about the following question.

In case when you have a credit or rental, if the cost of repairing your vehicle is less than your monthly payment, it should be simple to make the decision to have it repaired. On the other hand, if your repair bill exceeds one month’s payment, you can reduce your losses.

On the contrary, if you have completed your credit and your vehicle belongs to you, does your repair bill cost less than half the value of your vehicle? Look at its cost or the prices of used sales ads of the same model to get an idea. If so, then you should take the bull by the horns and repair your old car. Even if you have a tacot that is worth a few thousand euros, it is still worth having it repaired.

However, sometimes repairs could be more expensive than the price of your car, so in this case go ahead and buy a new vehicle!

How much does the peace of your mind cost?

Does repairing your ancient car seem too difficult and exhausting to you? Don’t panic, there are services which are ready to help you immediately. To begin with, you must decide how much peace of mind costs.

Even if there is no guarantee that your new vehicle will not have the same problems as your old one, it is very likely that this will not be the case. That being said, let’s look at some of the benefits and lower costs that come with buying a new car.

One of the main advantages of buying a new car is that you will no longer have to worry about the relationship with the mechanic. Thus, investing in a safer and less fuel-intensive car is almost obvious. And we all know that reliability and operational safety are virtually priceless.

In the meantime, those who have a good and honest mechanic can also restart their old vehicles. With a little luck, your old repaired vehicle will be as reliable and safe as a new vehicle.

But since a car is only guaranteed for about 10 years these days, adequate maintenance and maintenance are the key to a lasting relationship with your vehicle!

One of the most important elements, which can allow us to make the necessary changes on our vehicle, is to know where to get the parts we will need. Indeed, a garage usually supplies itself from wholesalers to which we will not have access. However, be sure that the magic of the Internet allows us to find everything we need, at good and affordable prices. Searching for a car part online is as simple as using the Google search engine, if you find the right site.

It will also be necessary to find the right accessories as well as all the liquids that will have to be changed such as:

  • Oil;
  • Coolant;
  • Power steering fluid;
  • Brake fluid;
  • Windscreen washer.

You still need to have the tools you need! But a person who likes to tinker should already have a large part of it in his/her toolbox. And if necessary, it is possible to go to the local hardware store, to get the missing item.

What interventions can you do on your car?

If our vehicle has engine or transmission problems, it is definitely better to go directly to the garage. Trying to solve the problem yourself may damage the car or increase the bill, in the end. 

However, there are many operations that we can perform in your own garage. The ones that come to mind first are the drains of the different liquids that the car needs. It is crucial to renew them regularly and this intervention can be done without problems, by yourself. Anyway, if you don’t really have the desire to fix you old car, you can sell it to professional service. 

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