GeT_RiGhT closes legendary career


Christopher ‘GeT_RiGhT’ Alesund decided to call it quits ahead of CS:GO’s first Major in October 2021. He is now set to leave the game and dedicate his time to full-time streaming on Twitch. Alesund is one of the popular names in the game and is an inspiration to many players.

The legendary star’s call to leave the game is one of the biggest news to shock the CS:GO world in 2021. He leaves behind a big legacy like no other, and Alesund has shown the world why he is one of best players to step in the game.

The Swede has delivered success all around and made a name for himself. Alesund showed why he deserves to be a great example for new and old players who are yet to win a Major. He also had a great run with countryman Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg. The duo share a long list of big tournament wins and has tallied a win on a Major as well. GeT_RiGhT –


The two stars played for over a decade and it was clear that the end of their tandem was a big reason why Alesund decided to step down from his game. It might have shocked their fans, but he knew that at some point in his career, the time would come for him to end his run.

‘It’s been a rollercoaster, but at the same time, it’s been a beautiful ride’, Alesund said of his run with f0rest.

While there are many CS:GO players who are moving to Valorant, Alesund claims that he will not be switching to the game and says that he is going to stick with CS:GO even in his Twitch streams. He is keen to explore more games as time goes on.

Alesund is a pro player who showed the world why he can be the best when he wanted to. His pure dominance in the scene proves why he is a great player to contend with.

While it will take time to figure out what is next for him, the CS:GO community will surely be waiting for the next Alesund to step up and hail that player as the next king of the game.
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