Baby Barbie Trick Or Treat


Come to Game Baby to prepare for the day of Halloween with adorable baby Barbie. Make crafts, play games, and find the perfect trick or treat costume. Barbie wants to decorate her house with lots of pumpkins. Put your carving skills to work to help the pretty girl carve the cutest Halloween pumpkin! Wash and dry it well. Cut the top with a knife and take out the seeds inside with a spoon. Use a towel to wipe the inside clean, and then carve the pumpkin. There are lots of pumpkin grimaces to choose from – Do you want your Jack-o-Lantern to be sad, happy or creepy? Baby Barbie likes a scary looking face. Which one is your favorite, girls? Light up your masterpiece by placing a lit candle inside, thereby turning it into a fabulous decorative Halloween lantern. Coloring a Trick or Treat card and playing a whack-a-ghost game are next on the to do list. Las, but not least, decide on the Halloween costume. What outfit would you recommend for her? How about a zombie princess, pirate, vampire or witch? Add some fancy face painting to the winning costume. Have a fabulous time playing Game Baby’s newest baby game! Happy Halloween everybody!


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