Baby Barbie Lice Attack


Treat baby Barbie for her head lice infestation by using the most efficient method. We have the perfect treatment guaranteed to kill the tiny blood-sucking creatures. Before doing so, you must give the little girl a shower. Take off her messy dress and shoes, placing them in the laundry basket for washing. Brush her teeth and clean all the grass and wood debris from her hair. Wash the cute baby with bubbly soap bubbles, sponge and water, rinsing off the extra foam. The amazing treatment consists in using a special hair shampoo and a lice comb. Remove the lice one by one from Barbie’s hair until they are all gone. Apply the medicated shampoo or lotion and leave it in for a while before rinsing it off with water. Brush the hair again just to make sure. The infestation is cleaned up and the pretty girl can go back out to play. How about dressing her up in a beautiful, fancy outfit? Have a fantastic time playing Game Baby’s fab new baby game!


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