Baby Barbie Injured Pet


Baby Barbie is really concerned about her injured pet and she wants to have it checked by the vet. Go with her to the vet for an examination. Clean the dirt and mud off the cute doggy using a brush. Wipe the puppy’s runny nose with tissue paper. But… uh-oh! This is not a good sign, the puppy might have caught a cold, so it needs to be treated for that as well as for any body injuries. Take care of the wounds by disinfecting them with antiseptic lotion and cotton pads. Some of them are quite deep and require stitches. Use your surgical skills to close them up using a needle and thread. Perform an x-ray to find out if there are any broken bones or internal bleeding. One of the front paws is broken, so bandage it well to help the bone heal. Move on to the second part of the treatment, removing the wood nails with medical pliers and bandaging the injuries. Give the injured dog cold medicine and place an ice bag on its forehead to reduce fever. Barbie is not happy with the redness in her pet’s eyes, but you can make it go away by administering a few eye drops. The baby girl is so relieved that her puppy is out of danger that she invites you to her home for a fun doggy dress up session. Mix and match clothes, scarves, sunglasses and hats to make trendy chic dog outfits. Have a blast playing this brand new baby game from Game Baby!


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